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182 Cup 1/4mile

Alright fellas,

I know the Clio is all about the corners, but what do they cover the 1/4mile in?

Im guestimating mid-high 14's at 95ish mph?
Fair play boys. I will keep ya posted. ( I don't have a 182. But my cousin does)

Hopefully he can break into the 14's.
get everything you possibly can out of the car before the run, do it on a cold damp day on a good dry track. thats when you'll go fastest :) *don't expect it to make a massive difference but maybe a bit
  172 cup
Ye il get everything I can out adjust tyre pressures keep then engine cool as I can etc.. Gunna go get some new Tyres first aswell


ClioSport Club Member
  TCR'd 172
If you strip it you will be in the high 14s I was talking full trim std car


ClioSport Club Member
  lots of clios.
My stripped out Ph1 (no carpets / tar / nothing) Got a 14.9. So a stripped 182 could be about that maybe?
i managed a 15.4 with passanger with just rear seats out but tbh with a better lauch i could have managed a 15
What mph for both of you? 1/4 ttimes on their own are a little irrelevant.

Crail always seems very optimistic with times.
  Alien Green 200
ran 15.1 in my cup at 90-something mph at pod. completely standard, shot tyres and full tyre pressure.
  Lionel Richie
13.9 for me :D (standard engine internals and intake, still with CAT) stripped out car, well 950kg with a bit of fuel and me
  Lionel Richie
What mods have you done?

got an engine from the scrap yard, put a cambelt on and put it in, that's it (plus a TDF remap - 190bhp apparently!)

60ft i have no idea it was last year, but it was bang on 100mph over the line from memory, i'll have a look and see if i can find the slip
The fact it weighed 950kg with driver and fuel would have made a massive difference,

/standard car is 1090KG + driver could be 1150 etc. 200kg heavier.


ClioSport Club Member
  BMW 123d/Rover Metro
It was that much of a freak it blew up!

What are people's reaction times?

My 172 Cup does mid 14's all day long with a 2.2 second 60ft time.


ClioSport Club Member
  BMW 123d/Rover Metro
Well what's the point in that? A big part of drag racing is all about reaction times.

I have reaction times on all my slips from Shakespear County Raceway.
So do I from Santa Pod. But reaction times are not "included" in your ET.

You can sit for 10 seconds staging up and still post a better ttime than your opponent.
  Nippy white cup
My cup STD got 15 dead. Rsport ecu on my next visit got me a 14.4 at 95 ish iirc. Decat and exhaust and rear bench out got me a 14.17 @ 97.5 mph. Not been for a long time but after I got a remap i got a 14.2 @ 98.5 with a 6800 limit so I reckon sub 14 should be doo able now it is a bit more stripped. Managed a 5.39 0-60 pre strippage too but it has always been a bit of a freak