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182 Cup suspension on a Trophy?

Hi guys, first post!!

Removed the front Sachs suspension, and just tried to fit 182 Cup dampers with the Eibach springs and top mounts form the Sachs, but the pistons are 2" longer so now need to use spring clamps to fit them onto the car. No need for spring clamps while removong

Is this normal, Just worried incase its the wrong damper! Can't be the first to fit Cup dampers on a Trophy?

Ps, only temporary until my new Sachs arrive;)
  Clio 172mk2
well u dont need em with standard 172 suspension, have to tried pulling the damper out fully then one person pushing top mount down whilst other gets the nut onto it.
Sorry, the Eibach springs are already on the Cup dampers (did need spring clamps FYI)

My question is should you need spring clamps to fit them back on the car, no need while removing.