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182 FF wheels on my 172???

  Clio 172
I've just had my 172 wheels fully re furbished and there mint, they look really well on the car with standard springs on the front as the 30mm were too scatty and 30mm lowered rear. I ve bought a set of 182 wheels with the idea of doing track days but with spending quite a lot cosmetically and a fsh, splitter, front bumper re spray due to stone chips, head lamps cleaned up and cleared, de badged and replaced with the new RS badge, clay barred, hd auto glym waxed 5-6 times then supergared interior & exterior, genuine RS carpet mats, new PZero tyres, strut tops, new rear pads, brembo2500 on the front, rear bumper exhaust surround as it has an aftermarket rear box and straight through de cat all within the last 3 weeks!!! I don't want to spoil it now as I must say for a 11 year old car it looks mint. I will replace the drivers seat at some point as it looks a bit worn (if anyone knows of a good one) & I ve ordered a wheel to send off to snappy for re furb. Anyways I'm going to get the 182 wheels fully re furbished at the same place (Garforth wheel specialists) in the Graphite FF colours then fit 15mm hub sentrics front and 19mm rear, I think this will look pretty smart. Opinions welcome both ways.