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182 Sat Nav Install YUM!!!

What sort of price is this system? is there still the one with the controlls avaliable just in front of the screen?


  S5 Sportback

COOL. can you get a cheaper system without the dvd capabilities as i would only want sat nav.
  Ford Fiesta

Shame the standard renault system cant have a DVD input, afaik it cant.

lol that renault stopped doing their own system now loads ppl fitting it anyways. Mind I dont think it was an issue with demand, prob no parts left and not VFM to order some more from VDO.

nice job.

Mike where does the input go for the DVD player/PS2, straight into the NAV computer, the one in the pic above resting in the glovebox?

  Ford Fiesta

Quote: Originally posted by connor on 30 April 2005

Is that system 7 digit postcode or not ?

cd or dvd sat nav?

CD, covers all of UK on one disc. think depends what software version you have as to what post code search you can do.