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190bhp Clio 16v

would have thought to get the power that high it would be using forced induction or a big jet of nos

i presume his 2nd car is a Nova hence the rather high performance figues

there is no other explanation

Tinted Windows - add 30bhp

Clear side repeaters - add 40bhp

Peco BB4 - add at least 50bhp

or even more if matched up with an induction kit;)

entirely plausable...........

my teams sport spiders had 220bhp from the 2ltr........

and this could well be 190, look at the camber on teh front wheels!

and i guess it could also be thoughrally thrashed!

somebody give them a call, i can as im in hK!

unless its running a williams lump with cams, headwork and a set of throttle bodies - could make around that sort of power.