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19yr Insurance

  Mini Cooper S JCW

iv just had several quotes on the valver i wanna get...

Adrian Flux - £1,204
CIA - £1,300


can ne1 recommend anywhere else thats cheap for young lads (2 NCB)


Liverpool Victoria - Im 19 have no NCB and a modded RT, they gave me a quote of £835 fully comp... Id reccomend them to anyone!

just done a quick quote on liverpool victoria, 21, 1yr NCB

, 1,021 for a valver, same for a megane 2.0 16v and 560 for a R5 GTT
  Mini Cooper S JCW

i tried liverpool thingy, they wouldnt insure me!!!!!!!

4 counties - £1,731.07

man my insurance has hardly budged in 3 years!!

1st year - £1,500ish, 2nd year - £1,300, this year £???? !!

1st and 2nd year were on a 1.6i 16v Mreg escort with mods declared!

Im with Tescos and they r pretty good. U tried ne where like Adrian Flux or somewhere like that? Bell Direct and Elephant r also pretty cheap as far as I know.
  Mini Cooper S JCW

yeah iv tried adrain flux, look at the first post.....£1,204, but that includes RAC GOLD breakdown or summut the lad told me.....the top RAC package, home start etc.... but im already with the AA :mad:

I was on the phone for ages getting my quotes, mostly to companies in the back of max power etc as they often cater for our age driving higher power cars, o got a discount because I had been insured on a 5 turbo when was 19 and so they said I had experience driving high powered cars!
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

I insure my boys car through CIA....and I can only say they are the nuts,....or they are nuts!!!

He has fitted 17s, zorst, body mods....even asked about a roll cage!!! extra cost. They have told us that as long as you dont touch the engine its OK! and only £20 extra a year for induction.
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Forgot to say its a 1.6 16v Bravo Rreg fully comp 2yrs NCB and £68 per month with all the above.

OK .....if he did it himself it would be £1700 a year as hes 21, but he is not bothered that I do it for him and I am racking up the NCB. Been insuring him since he was 17, but he is declared the MAIN NAMED DRIVER so everything is up front....which is very important. Dont want to give them any excuse to wriggle out of any claim.
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Sorry for the bad news... but as I said I am insuring him as a named driver. Do you have anyone who could insure it for you??? When you get a bit further on in life....older seems a bit condisending so no offence meant....most cos give a 40% NCB introduction discount. Just a thought.