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2.0L conversion and wheel history pics


How may sets of wheels on one motor??? lol.
Prima/williams sets gets my vote out of the lot.
Very nice. What was the time scale of the engine conversion. about to undertake the same job but wasn't going to paint anything but seeing the result it might just be worth it.
And did you polish up the inlet manifold and rocker cover yourself?
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Dude thats mint mate, what did you paint the block, subframe etc etc with. Want to paint my turbo lump after it gets re-built.

Cheers Dave
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I do wonder why you have a renault.... R turbo's, polished porka rims.......
It took me a hole month, the swap could be done in a day, but I wasn't in a rush and I was kept waiting on parts due to it being december. All so had my mates helping me out:approve:

I used plasticoat spray paint......after a very good clean and prep

I hand polished the inlet and cam cover......I find it quite relaxing lol

Polished Willy wheels are staying for now, but saying that it's winter and the weather trashes them:dapprove: maybe pink steels lol

I really really need a DUB lol.........shame there boring to drive compared to the Clio.....Might get one as a daily driver?

Cheers for the coments

Chill Winston