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2001 manual sunroofs

I have a 2001Clio Sport 1.2 16v with manual sunroof. They have replaced the handle which rattles, but it has started again. Have tightened everything up etc, but still a pain! Anyone have any ideas please let me know as I dont always want the stereo on full blast!!

And also, anyone had probs with seat cover material rubbing badly??

Cheers, Andrew


I had a problem with my sunroof rattling which turned out not to be the sunroof but mountings around it. The roof/sunroof reinforcers that run through the roof would expand slightly on hot days and rattle. After five visits to the dealer and one complete sunroof later, they identified this as the problem and packed the problem areas out with mastic.

Not a peep out of it since and its been 3 months since it was done!

Get the dealer to check this for you, dont let them replace the handle again (they will try to get away with just doing that).

Hope this helps


Thanks for replying, I will tell them this and hope they can sort it out! Some people, it would not annoy, but I hate rattles, especially when they are above your head!

Anyone with other seat probs & ideas let me know, thanks!!!

There are a couple of guys on here with dynamique trim that have had the fabric rip/spread around the head rest holes (common problem affecting quite a number of cars).

I have dynamique trim (1.6), have done 16k miles and havent had a problem yet. I think that the dealers tried to fob them off with the old wear and tear response but they ended up having to replace the seat cover (under warranty).


My Sunroof handle was a problem. It was more of a creaking noise than a rattle. This was caused by plastic rubbing against plastic. I sprayed WD40 on every moving part and hinge, and no more rattle/creaking!

My seats havent gone around the headrest yet, although I can see the potential.


I had this with mine. Sounds a bit like its cracking when you go over bumps. I just sprayed a little WD40 round the joints on the handle and worked it for a bit and its fine now.