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A little dash down the A10

  White R26/Stripped Valver
A red clio sport behind me down the a10, i drive a white valver, only time i find another clio to have a bit of fun with and im 3 people up, a battery jumper pack at two suitcases down on weight lol. If your on here you fancy a rematch??
  M140i/Orange 182
could of been me??

i was driving back from enfield down the a10 earlier today, didnt see a valver ( although my observation is not the best at times)
by any chance does ur white valver have turbines. i saw a white valver parked up last week on church street by the A10 milk depot. was it urs?

  White R26/Stripped Valver
Yeah, thats me mate, i work there. Finally someone's spotted me!!! lol. Might have to break out the champagne and fairy cakes
  White R26/Stripped Valver
LOL being spotted is like waiting for a bus, you wait AGES then 3 turn up at once. About the skinny dude errmmm i have no idea lol as the rear view mirror on me valver fell off a while ago and i havent been bothered to fit it back on. Next time one of you spot me at the depo pop in for a cup of coffee:coffee:. Now ive said that the entire forum is probably gonna turn up, plus i dont have enough chairs so some of you will have to sit on the floor. I do have plenty of milk though:rasp: