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Alloy Advice

Excuse my ignorance, getting a new 172 shortly, but need advice on alloys.

Considering 17"super tourismos. Im a tad conserned as Ive read here that there may be a performance degradation. The tires ought to give the same rolling radius. Is it really neccessary to mess with the suspension? Just dont like the sound of it on a spanking new car. Ive also heard of tram lining, can anyone properly explain what this is and is it going to be a major problem, plus is the extra grip worth it?

Toying with the idea of a blue 172 mk2 with gold Super Ts (or Vsimilar design), has anyone see this combination and does it look OK? (Pics would be great)

Cheers in advance


  Audi TT Stronic

Tramlining, hmm hard to explain.

If you imagine your on a mountain bike, and there is a rut running down the road, say about an inch deep..

you tyre would follow that rut in the road..

Same thing happens to small cars with big wheels on, it happens a little on my 172 with 16" alloys on it.

If youre getting a 172 its the torque steer at 5000rpm you should look out for .. hehe especially in 1st and 2nd ;)

No offence Jonny but a 172 in blue with gold wheels sounds bit tacky, leave it 2 the williams boys!

Tramlining is inevitable, usually happens on skinny tyred wheels i think, where you brake and the car follows the contours of the road. Im not sure if im entirely right, so dont quote me!


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Have to agree that the gold on a 172 is a no-no!

The only cars which I think suit gold wheels are blue Subarus and Williams.
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.... and dont worry about the performance degradation. Theoretically there has to be an effect but youll never notice it on the road. On the track youll appreciate the extra grip - my car still has the original 16s on it and I have no speed advantage over cars with 17s on the track. Just make sure you slap on a set of Eibachs (or whatever make you prefer) to lower it 30mm or so.