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allu bonnet? how do i tell

  LY R27
i bought a ph1 172 from an owner that knew nothing
but the bonnet feels reely light

how would i tell if it was alluminium? (sp.)



ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Put a magnet on it. If it doesn't stick, its ali.

But if its lightweight, its 99% an ali one. They're stupid light.
  LY R27
on my old clio i had a carbon one and this 172 one feels pretty light too! soo im guessing!
il have a look tomorrow
  Twingo 133 Cup
You'll know straight away by lifting it... The alu is VERY light compared to standard.
  Suzuki Ignis
I had one on mine without realising it, unless Jesus pointed it out and I tried lifting his. Massive difference!


ClioSport Club Member
  Evo 5 RS
the ally one is ridiculously light, oh and if you're unsure just don't be a muppet and close it thumbs down you'll dent it. Let it drop
I think that my Clio III bonnet is Al because the only place I can stick the magnet from my Fluke 289 is on the bonnet catch for closing it. The rest does not stick the magnet. Was a pain in the ass when I had done some logging to the alternator output to find a suitable spot for it. If its not Al is probably some lightweight alloy.
  Ph 1 172
the second you lift it you will be able to tell, if i remember rightly the ally bonnets are nearly as light if not lighter than the carbon fiber ones (i know the one on my phase 1 feels like paper when lifting it). there was a thread ages ago that a bloke had weighed the 2.