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Am a newbie.....

Just thought i wud show my face an say hi, a m8 of mine Col Bennet is a member on here an said its a good site. Am currently drivin a 19 16v phase 1 h reg only had it for 2weeks love it more than my old nova( col dont tell damian i said that haha) its lowered konis all round, 16in voodoos, stainless mongoose system, k&n an a superchip. pretty quick like.

p.s COL did u get my text message abuot being able to get brand new driveshafts for 35 quid through work :D, thats using my old shafts as exchange. so next month new shafts brake discs an pads an gonna get the chips an the bonnet sorted. oh an i still need to get me hands on a cover for over the spark plugs lol. :p
  clio 20v

hi mate i kno col, u wasnt at southport beach cruise a while back by any chance, a few of cols mates were there, if you was i was the guy with the silver valver with the leather

might b able to get you a plug cover made of polished ali plate me an me dad are workin on the prototype now


i think i rememeber seein ur car. the one i rememeber was well nice. let me know wot happens with the plug cover an how much u wud want if u make them?

cheers bryan