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Another 172 Cup Build

  172 Cup
Picked this up a couple a months ago with 64k, 3 or 4 previous owners. Ive managed to trace most of the service history, now I'm just waiting for it to be sent to me. Overall not bad, it's got the odd scratch and ding here and there.

Im not sure exactly what's going to happen with it. I had planned oem refurb but now I'm more focused on fast road/track car. Since getting it, it's had:

▪️New Gaz Coilovers with rear coilovers fitted
▪️New tie rods, track rod ends and gaiters
▪️A second hand Powerflow stainless exhaust, although it's needs a better hanger sorting on the back box
▪️A new Vibratechnics top engine mount

I've also got to fit:

▪️Freshly powder coated rear beam
▪️Powerflex beam bushes
▪️PMS 10mm axle spacers
▪️Powder coated subframe
▪️Powder coated anti roll bar
▪️Powerflex anti roll bar bushes
▪️Blasted and painted hubs with new bearings,
▪️Goodridge phantom braided hoses
▪️Brembo HC front discs
▪️Mintex M1144 front pads
▪️Arcasting LICO 15" alloys
▪️OMP Trencto 300 steering wheel

Parts still to get:

▪️Steering wheel boss
▪️Rear discs/pads
▪️Top mounts
▪️Nankang NS-2R tyres
▪️New genuine Cup wishbones
▪️20mm hub centric spacers

The plan is to drop the engine and box in a few weeks. Get the Cambelt/dephaser done whilst it's out and change the clutch.

Some pics:




  172 Cup
I like them, I went for stiffer springs. Played about with the settings and it's not to bad now on the roads considering the state they are in.
  172 Cup
Finally got round to fitting the rear end suspension back on. New discs, pads Goodridge braided hoses, Powerflex bushes, Eibach sport line springs. Decided to go back to standard cup suspension for a bit more comfort.

From this


Looking cleaner






Now onto the front.
  172 Cup
It's coming along slowly. I was going to leave the original hubs but they've got far to much corrosion so I'll have to put it back together to get them off. Need to get a move as its in the way now. Think I'm going a bit ocd on it.

  172 Cup
Just hope I can keep up the momentum and get it finished. Also the money as well as its starting to get expensive now.
  172 Cup
I need to get the car off the drive asap as building work is imminent. I wanted to get the powder coated subframe and anti roll bar on and paint the shafts but that will have to wait till my garage is built.

Had the new bearings pressed into the hubs and fitted the new shocks, topmounts, bottom arms and callipers, braided hoses discs and pads. Just need to bleed the brakes now.






Hopefully it will settle a good bit, this is how it's sitting at the moment.

  172 Cup
Thought I'd investigate the bubbling behind the petrol flap. I didn't like what I found so it was off to the body shop to be cut out before it spread to far. It's been done properly, all cut out not just cocked up so shouldn't come back. I'm really pleased with the work they done.




It's already for paint now.


ClioSport Club Member
  Mk5 Golf GTI :)
You have just the fronts mate? If so I'm going to hold out for a full set.

But really appreciate the offer :)
  172 Cup
Got the car back from the body shop after finding rust behind the petrol flap. It's all painted now and I also had the bonnet done as it had the usual dents on the edge.





The new flap (genuine) has also been painted and fitted now just didn't take a pic of it on.

Also got a new Sabelt steering wheel but sure if it's going on yet.

  172 Cup
Give the car a quick polish today it's starting to come together now. Headlights still need polishing and two dings on the roof need removing.






  172 Cup
Had the dings removed today made up the results. I'm picking up a set of pro race 1.2's track wheels tomorrow so I just need to get a track day booked a then.
  172 Cup
Picked up a set of track wheels 15" Pro Race 1.2's with Federal RS-R's, two will need replacing but might get a track day out them. Not bad overall one has been curbed but I'll blow that in.






And an OMP boss for the new Sabelt wheel.


  172 Cup
It's pretty much staying as it is now just need to get the headlights polished. It may very well be up for sale in a couple of weeks but we'll see.