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Anybody with a code reader?


ClioSport Club Member
Hi, all!

Over the past few days iv'e been changing the gearbox on my Ph2 172.
It's the biggest task Iv'e ever attempted so took me a little longer than normal!

Basically, Iv'e now got everything plugged back in and bolted up only to find the car wont start. The immobilizer, STOP, oil and battery lights stay on solid. It would turn over to begin with but now it wont do that.

Anyone local to me have a code reader that I could borrow for beer moneys? :blush:
I live at the bottom of Merthyr Tydfil, near Pontypridd.

Cory. (07975661308)
  Clio 182
Have you connected the large 12v wire back onto the starter and the smaller wire with the spade connector?

I'm not sure a code reader will pull any faults on what you have, maybe clip but thats a real stab in the dark.
  Clio 182
Also check your battery is not flat and the starter fuse has not popped.
It's always the basic things that get overlooked.
  Focus RS + S3
Ive got a basic code reader mate and im only in Brynmawr,

Also check the earth strap in the passenger wheel arch from box to chassis is connected up