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Anyone else had problems with 2k8 server crashing today?

  Astra CDTI SRI
We have had 2 servers in different locations crash with the same symptoms.

Server seems to lock, can't Ctrl + Alt + delete to log on / unlock it.

Can still ping them ok though. Have had to hard reset them both.

Only happened once so far today.

Seems strange that it's 2 2k8 machines.

Anyone else?
  Fiesta ST
Released any windows updates?

I had a 2k3 bluescreen on me yesterday though in Exeter and I was in Truro, 2hr drive! :( kept bluescreening after a hard reset aswell.

Had a first liner onsite and got him to do Last known good configuration boot and voila! almost a very crap Wednesday night.


  A thirsty 172
Could be Windows Update as Longy mentioned.
Haven't seen any crashes but I have had an issue several times already where a recent Windows Update has reset some registry permissions and stopped the DHCP Client service from starting.
  Astra CDTI SRI
Yeah, though Windows Update will have been the cause.

Seem to be ok now after a reboot though........ Fingers crossed!