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anyone raced S4 biturbo:

Just wondering if anyone has done that before~?

yo Ben R where da heck are u ? n HKClioman where r u guys havent heard from u guys for ages... pretty sure its not Holiday in HK (soon but not quite) or r u in UK sortin out the school stuff?

yeh anyway ahah anyone raced S4? or attempted a RS4 or RS6 ? eheheh

happy new year, guys,

bloody busy lately.

Spent xmas in Singapore/JB, will stay in macau, play golf and go-kart during the CNY holidays.

Talking about S4, remember that night in Clear Water Bay? That S4 hitted one of the 206s on their way to Tuen Mun on a fast left bend along the Lung Cheung Road. According to insider, the S4 was the culprit. We made the right decision to go home early.

A local mag has just invited us to feature in their next issue. Hope we can get 20 or or 172s. So far, mine is the only one that is 100% original. hehe. Not too sure whether I should be proud of that. Ben, u better hurry up, otherwise, I will be the only customer to buy your RSR kit. On this subject of modification, talked to Wilman of GTi the other day, he was thinking of importing LSD kits for 172. What u guys think?


LSD kit... hhm i think if u r running turbo 172 or throttle body with chip filter exhaust n the whole lot so ..... 220hp thing then yeh LSD is a good thing.

haha really ..... u know that nite after i saw that S4 i got hooked on to it. My family might be thinkin about buyin one as a "family" car ahha.... ok ok i wont run in to any 206 i promise u ahha.

hit on a fast left bend huh..... i suspect he was goin pretty darn quick n got understeer coz even its Quattro system its built to go understeer

Ben seem to have dissapeared lately.......

oh yeh which mag is this goin to be on so i can tell my mom to buy the issue before she flies back

theres gotta be at least one person here who actually had a friendly go with these things? right?? guys?? any reply or just some reply to make me feel better :p heheeh

My dad and i had a race last year in the now departed Aston V12 against an older red S4. We were on a a Sunday drive and came up behind him in a queue, he saw us and overtook the next 3 cars in one car. We then gave chase and pulled onto an A road which was a bad decision by the Audi driver, there is no getting past the astons amazing pull through the gears! We left him at 150mph. I guess as a quick A to B car they do the job well.

haah i dont think a stock S4 will get even near a aston actually i had a friendly run with a even faster machine the new 911 turbo... ouch ahhaha thats all i can say i didnt even borther lowering the gear just stayed on 6th n let it run..... i was doin 240kms ...... the guy must have been at least 280 or more coz he was just dissapearin ahhaha...... we then slowed down n he wanted to play mroe coz he signal for B road time (i m not stuipd its not even my car yet so no silly things) but yeh ahha left him there had to head home was like 3am in the mornin anyway....... but i think the reason he raced was coz he recognize me from the dealership we r from the same dealer nice guy though

Ah i like the 911s we had a race in the M3 with a 993 version and it was quite close, it started with him being ahead and he didnt wait for us to catch up so it was just us chasing him so got boring but theyre quick cars and if youre in the rain not much could beat it! Same for the S4 i guess!

i had the misfortune of tryin to race a rs4 estate thing b4 knowin what it was!
was in the valver (when i had her...RIP) goin uphill at about 50 on an approach rd to the A2 heard a flippin roar as this estate ripped past me as if i was at a standstill! obviously bein uphill i thought ahhh im at a disadvantage! caught up thinkin yeah im the daddy, not realisin he was toyin with me!we were doin bout 70 when he floored it and left me like he would at the lights if id have forgotten to accelerate! ouch!

I met him later on at the lights with a smile! rolled the window down with a " what the feck is that!!" only for him to proudly mention briefly the bhp and that it was a touring car! i said i see you later then and gave him way and didnt follow!! lol!



I had a race with dad last night :confused:

he won - just (he gave me a 3 mile head start)

S4s are quick

mum had a 330bhp chipped one it was nice!!

oh no I must go buy one very soon :p Yeh those 911 turbos man... in another word is they raped me ahah so boys n gals dont even think about it EVEN if u know its an Auto still wont help I like the M3 super heaps mate but my dad said that its probably too "racy" for a family car ahha hey I love those recaros seats dont u tomclio? hhm..... i m still figuring out why this year 2000 have "sport seats" n not recaro while the other one which I am intendin to buy got them i thought they are standard features for all S series .

Only real gripe... Quattro system is safe as heaven tooooooooo safe no fun