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Anyone tried the k+n Apollo induction......

  LY 200
.........On the 182?

Iv been browsing over on motorsportworld as im after a new enclosed ik and have seen these, they are a universal fitment which is turning me away a little.

Dont know whether to just go for the tried and tested BMC!!! :S

Vipers seem to be a fair bit more doller for something thats pretty similar in comparison so think il stay away from that one!!!

Whats your opinions?



ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
I had one on my 182 , sounded good but it definitely restricted the air flow and lost the 5k kick and some power . I now have a k+n cone filter in an aluminium enclosure i made myself , sounds wicked and pulls like a train :) . I've heard good things about the bmc .
  LY 200
Yeah i have a cone filter at the mo mate, which although it sounds good, specially at the 5k seems to ristrict the power lower down!!!

Think im gonna play safe and go for the bmc anyways!!!
  LY 200
^^^Lol, was thinking about it mate but number one i cant find an airbox for it to go in for shizzle and number two i do like abit of noise!!! ;)

Also have a superchip and they supposedly work better with an ik so dont really wanna revert back to the standard air system!!!
  Clio 172 mk2
I'm sure their are some airboxes for sale from some Renault breakers

With a bit of modification (air feeds etc) you could make up a pretty good system cheaply.

Just my opinion though....I'm a skinflint:D