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Aussie Version

Good evening gentelmen, I have recently purchased a Clio Sport but have not got it yet..........damn. I have to hold out one more week. I did have the car for a it goes like a shower of sh*t and handles like a go cart. I was immediately impressed even though I had progressed from a V8 Brock Commodore. Mine is what you call the Mk1, a 2001 model and only 1 of 85 of this model brought into Australia. In this country it is a limited edition model and cost me $28000. It is silver in colour and has travelled 34000 kms. Its dynamic ability is awesome and I cant wait to get it. The only thing is the driving position is, lets say, unusual. The drivers seat seems a couple of inches too high and the steering wheel too far away and on an odd angle. Pity the seat is not lower and the wheel adjustable for fore and aft movement. Im sure that one gets use to it though..........can anyone offer any advice or comments in relation to this. Regards, Trent :)

hey there i m in nz . the diff between us n Euro spec is the wheels we get 15 instead of 16s ... n for now just for now no traction control coz that batch havent been shipped out

oh n the sittin position. ahha yeh true true. i m not tall n its difficult already.... i think the best way is to change the seats ... the steerin. u cant change the angle . u cant have it all i guess (sad though)

Ive heard that if you NEED the seat lower, you can remove the lowering gadget (the bit that allows you to move the seat up and down) and that will allow the seat to be a little lower. How true this is I dont know as Ive got used to mine on the lowest setting.

Glad you like the car !

hhm interstin Tony...... anyone tried it much cheaper than buyin n installin a new seat with no height adjustment after that

The MK Is are fitted with 15" OZ wheels, offer a better look than the 16" wheels from dont know who in Mk IIs. besides, only Mk IIs that were made in late 2002 were fitted with ESP.