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B-shaw’s PH1 Exclusive


ClioSport Club Member
The sabelt DIY paint is terrible. I'm in the same boat as you now Toby, being yellowless and needing a refurb.

You going snappy, royal, or someone else?
Any ideas on re-painting it? Not sure on the best route to take.

Spend ages taping it up/cutting around it then spraying?
Touch up pen?
Very very fine brush?

May use a Porsche colour ?

Friend is doing the wheel for me, not expecting it to be perfect as she is learning still. But I'm confident it'll be more than good enough.

Battery tray is all bent up, testing and final work to get it mounted tomorrow.


Few thing's I could've done differently but it'll do. Will be hidden anyway, maybe if it was out on show I'd make another.

Chap at work is making me a few little bits and bobs with the 3d printer atm.
These are the 1st things I'll be trialling, something a bit pointless but it's all about the little touches imo.


I've had one missing since forever and just never get around to finding one. So why not make some proper blanks instead?
Will prep/paint/fit over weekend probably.

1st attempt that broke;


I dunno if anyone would be interested in them but can get a few more made up if anyone is.

Same with the battery trays to be fair. I could make a better final design and get a bunch laser cut. Don't take long to bend them up, setting up the press tooling took longer than doing this one lol

Dr Jekyll

ClioSport Club Member
I was thinking of just using a art brush and doing it that way or getting a syringe and dropping it that way.

I actually got some model paint that was a good colour match and spreads well. Well it did on card, I've yet to try it on the wheel!

Secondly, what is it above? I can't make it out?


ClioSport Club Member
Something I used to do to fill engravings on keyrings years back was overfill then rub the surface with just normal a4 paper. It's even smoother than 3000 grit and shouldn't damage the face of the wheel


ClioSport Club Member
Vibra mount top washer made, ended up with 2 for some reason ?


Selling a pair of Vibra-technics mounts if anyone wants um? Will get an advert up later.

Finished the battery tray ?




Placement plan, as far to the middle and forward inbetween the wheels as possible, whilst being in the wheel well.


May try get this bolted in over the weekend, going to order all the stuff I need to relocate and to tidy the bay up.
Will start making a heat shield for filter soon as that's done.


ClioSport Club Member
Didn't get half as much done this B/H weekend as I'd planned, did a few bits though.

Saturday @Dr Jekyll took a photo of my clio


I was inspired to get a move on and get some trackdays done, Maybe doing one in Dec, will see.

Sunday came, it rained, Sunday went.

Monday came, it wasn't raining, I did something.

Drilled some holes and bolted this thing into place


Poked some holes with a big red cable


Tried out the fat crimping tool, I like very much



Removed battery and all retaining framework & ECU, fitted the Junction Block


Still hadn't trial fitted the battery in the cage I made, luckily it fitted (I had no doubt)


Started to properly route the cable after I'd done it roughly to measure, cut, crimp etc.


Managed to hide it all really well, quite happy with it.


Positive all in and done, with mega fuse


Negative all done


Both all done, all started fine, nothing went up in flames or shorted out haha.


Temporarily secured ECU and tidied the cables a little.


Yeah, I know... filter is filthy.
Will be being cleaned up, I've a 45 degree hose to change the route, and will be making a custom bracket and heat shield for ECU & filter.

All done, nobody would be any the wiser...


Loads to do next weekend:

Aircon delete & cup alt setup to fit.
Vibra engine mounts to fit
Thermostat & coolant change
Oil & filter change
Filter clean & heat shield etc
Clean entire bay up

Planned to do the lot this weekend but the weather really did not play ball and this battery relocation took waaay longer than I expected it to.

Ordered a tyre sealant kit with compressor & a fire extinguisher to secure into the wheel well too. Need to make something to secure the jack and whatnot in there too.
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ClioSport Club Member
So, waaaay back in 2015 when I had the belts done by @MicKPM he advised I changed the upper engine mount.
Prooobably should have listened to him ?




And this... really renault?


Both gone anyway, new one in, kinda.
Not happy with the possibility of movement in these mounts, with the square hole in the upper part of the mount. Going to make a square washer in the morning to fit inside.


More to follow
glad im not the only one who was worried about those engine mounts moving! dont want to make/sell me a square washer too if it works? ?


ClioSport Club Member
glad im not the only one who was worried about those engine mounts moving! dont want to make/sell me a square washer too if it works? ?
I'm just sanding down a normal washer man.

Probably wouldn't move, you'd assume if it was an issue Vibra would supply you with one, but still... rather it be there just encase than not.


ClioSport Club Member
This car has been a bellend to me today, Not happy with her haha.

Started the morning, made my square washer, upper engine mount all done ?


On to the gearbox mount, top nut was just twisting the rubber so I got angry and took the entire mount off the box/car to do it.
Sorted it though, that's all back on ?


Put it on backwards in that pic ?


On to the cup alternator setup... whoever says this is a nice easy swap... has never actually done anything that's nice and easy, its a right pain in the arse lol!

Started to strip everything down, most bits are off by this point


Top tensioner torx head bolt... great design from Renault


Molegrip on the socket managed to crack it off, then a 3/8 spanner worked it the rest of the way


Top alternator bracket, again brilliant idea Renault


Socket ant ratchet? nope
Socket and molegrip? nope
Spanner x3? Nope

Had to undo engine mount and jack the engine up to get a socket on it

Realised I had to move the PAS pump, removing it meant I had to remove 3 bolts behind the pulley, I thought when I saw that they must be short else they wouldnt come all the way out with the pulley in the way? This is a Renault so of course not...


No proper way to lock the pulley to undo the bolts holding that on, for the millionth time today molegrips saved the day.


Finally it's starting to go back together but by now it was starting to go dark and I had a garden littered in tools and car parts needing putting away.
Both mounts are bolted to the block, just need to sort the PAS pump out, gotta bend some s**t, not ideal but whatever ?

Hopefully better luck tomorrow

Dr Jekyll

ClioSport Club Member
Some days just goes well and jobs get done, and then some days just everything seems to be a struggle and test your patience.

Looks like you had the latter.

When I did my gearbox mount, I found it easier to remove the whole mount too.


ClioSport Club Member
Forgot to update this, was shattered after finishing Sunday and wanted to catch the F1

Got it all done, besides a few teething problems it seems.


Got it all bolted up, realised the belt I got with the kit was for a non-pas setup.
ECP saved the day on a Sunday and came through with the belt on the shelf.


Can see in this pic the PAS lines that needed bending. Not sure I'm happy with them, may try find full cup setup on these lines. bending the lower one has meant it sits below the splash guard and up against the sump, cable tied it out of the way of both but this is far from ideal. Task n half changing them all though.


All in and running, even swapped my intake hoses over (Still need to clean the filter)


Also still need to remove the air-con from the heater unit, ideally I want the cup blanking panel rather than gluing something over it/
Anyone know the part number for this bit?

Did a coolant change and swapped thermostat over. Always seemed to sit below 90 on the gauge so assumed it'd be this, doesn't seem any different after swapping the stat so... god knows ??

Teething problems.
Starter motor has gone really slow, not sure if an earth has come off that I didn't see or what.
Don't think its related to the battery relocation as it worked fine right up until it's 1st start after doing this on Sunday.
Always seems to start, just like the starter struggles on 1st couple of turns.

Also, even though all I did with the wheels is remove and re-fit, ive got some pretty bad wheel wobble at anything above 50.
Annoying no longer working at a garage, could've checked balancing myself. But I don't see why it would be out, all weights are as they were to begin with, even made sure the wheels went back on the same sides they came off lol.

Stuff like this rate annoys me, like s**t was fine before now for no reason what so ever its not ?

More to follow this weekend if the weather is kind.


ClioSport Club Member
Well... this will have been the slow starter issue


Had the perfect length of cable left over and some lugs from the battery relocation.


Better than it's ever been now I think.

Didn't get anything else done, busy weekend being lazy.


ClioSport Club Member
Did a buy


Ally Bonnet, one that hasn't been ruined by aero-catches, Rarity nowadays it seems.
Bot a slight crease in it, hoping we can sort it at work.
Will be being painted when I get both bumpers done and maybe some other bits blown in.

Collected from Chesterfield so seemed rude not to go the long way back through the peak district.




ClioSport Club Member
Been a little quiet in here, not done a lot.
Still not removed the last bits of the air-con stuff (heater bits) but I did change my dipped and main beam's for Osram nightbreaker lasers and LED interior lights.
Can see inside and out now, which is handy haha.

Also, Buy a prima racing exhaust mount you guys said, last forever you said....




Currently got this one on, kinda want another prima one but they're so much, and for them to end up like the one above...


On a positive, Ordered PBS brake pads yesterday, buy fronts get rears free. Gladly they let me order brembo fronts and get 172 rears on the offer.

However, the main reason for things on the clio slowing, FINALLY FOUND A UNIT




Work can now start on the 944, and I've somewhere dry and soon to be warm to work on the clio. come the new year I'll be able to get back onto reducing the large shopping list for the clio.


ClioSport Club Member
  Kangoo 172cup
Take rubber out of old bracket and refit in new one, cable tie to secure job done. I went ultra pikey and fitted a universal polyehxaust hanger inside my dci exhaust bracket. 20k later still solid


ClioSport Club Member
Rubber was fairly fucked around the edges, where the ally had corroded, it expanded and pushed the rubber all out of shape. Else I'd have considered keeping it.

Not really done anything, gave it an oil change a bit back. Battling with the usual idol problems that keep coming back to haunt me on occasions.
Really need a brand new ICV but I cba to spend that money on one.

Been spending lots and lots of money on it over Christmas though.
Just waiting on some bits to arrive and I'll be doing the brakes in the next week or two.

Built the calipers up today


Fairly pleased with them if I'm honest


ClioSport Club Member
Started doing brakes yesterday, everything was all going so well until I got to NSF ?

So, brakes have been pretty fucked for a while, still worked but have been on their last legs.
Rears were long gone, defo got my moneys worth haha.



Fronts were different, Had a vibration from the front left for ages but never really effected performance so kinda just ignored it. had them apart many times trying to figure the issue out, assumed it was a warped disc.

Didn't get a pic yet but strangely on both sides, the inside pad was almost completely dead, but the outside pad had loads of life. No idea why, everything moved freely, was all greased correctly. Will get pics today though.


She filthy


What £850 of brakes looks like, cannot believe thats where I'm at on spend so far, just on these brakes.


Rears, discs are on but as I'd painted the carriers and they weren't fully dry, figured I'd leave that until the following day, due to not being able to progress with the fronts.


OSF is all on and plumbed in, annoyingly chipped the caliper when test fitting wheels without spacers, can confirm my wheels wont fit without spacers ?


NSF, was undoing the union not paying much attention, then realised the union had seized to the copper line and twisted. twisted it some more to stop the fluid coming out, then cut it.


Collecting line, unions and flaring tool from Halfords in a mo and gonna get cracking on that. This line was replaced less than 2 years ago anyway, hoping I can save this as there's loads of excess above, if not I'm going to have to do a full new line from the ABS unit.

Went into it knowing nothing ever goes to plan with this car, so not too surprised this has happened. I just hope this is the only issue I come across.

Will bang a full spec list up of what I've gone with once it's all fitted.


ClioSport Club Member
Line fixed


Everything is now plumbed in and working, I think. Got me home ok anyway, no noises or obvious leaks.



Will check over everything in a few days, need to touch the caliper up too

Uneven wear on fronts...


Will grab a pic of them behind the wheel once I've cleaned it, gotten some daylight.

Spec list

Brembo 4 pots rebuilt with Big Redd rubbers and titanium bleed nipples
Mr Pinks stainless pins
New anti-rattle shims
Adaptors to suit 15" wheel fitment (calipers machined too)
PMS/Goodridge braided hoses
PBS pads front & rear
Godspeed G hook discs front & rear
Motul 600 fluid
New rear pad fitting kit, bearings, abs rings, disc spacers, hub nut bolts.

Can confirm, they do not fit under the Exclusive BBS wheels.
May get rid of the current spacers, go with a stud conversion it and run smaller ones.
Also need some 15's that will clear them to put semi slicks on, nothing too expensive though.

I think PMS shifter, gearbox rebuild and clutch are next.
Really want LSD but they cost so damn much it's unlikely to happen any time soon.


ClioSport Club Member
Not done a great deal to this lately. But I do basically have a clio van now...

Made some removable boarding for the boot, constantly lugging tool boxes n stuff too and from the unit was taking its toll, especially without the spare wheel in, couldn't put anything over that area.
This just sits in with the carpet on top so i can roll/slide s**t in easily and it isn't falling all over the place.
knocks when there's no weight on it, but it shouldn't really get used like that, just pop it in when I'm loading up with tools.


Decided to get rid of all my stickers, well besides the DickheadTuning one and my classic ring one, replaced with a Petrolicios 'Drive Tastefully' one on the windscreen.
Never actually seen a sticker look so good on a car


Difficult to capture it in a picture, but honestly it looks great, somehow? :ROFLMAO:

Had another sticker also last Sunday...


PH1's sneaking into retro events now :cool:




Not retro enough for any of the photographers though it seems, they're all the pics I've found from hundreds of auto-solo pics :cry:
Discovered I NEED an LSD and really ought to get my Sabelt wheel trimmed an fitted asap. Auto-solo makes the standard wheel feel very large

Anglesey on Friday next week
Also booked a swift visit to heaven in September (Nurburgring)
Plenty of bits I need to get on with on it before then, stopped spending all my money on Porsche related tools to concentrate on this

I'm getting a clunk in reverse when I brake, dunno what it is so replacing everything, it all needs it anyway.

Top mounts, every single ball joint and rubber bush, few other bits (hopefully gearbox rebuild too just without the LSD)
Oh and my hubs n shizz from @NorthloopCup should eventually be going on, just a year and a bit later :ROFLMAO:


ClioSport Club Member
Done some buys

Fresh OE Track rods and front bearings for the new hubs
PMS solid top mounts and strut brace

Powerflex everything as soon as I've more money, then rear ARB I think

In Wales atm, Anglesey tomorrow, hopefully I don't kill it


Got sent these today from Autosolo the other weekend, think theyre sick!



Hopefully have some good Anglesey pics soon


ClioSport Club Member
Forgot to post Anglesey pics...

Honestly, what a great day I had.
So, the trackday was a 30th birthday pressie off a few of my mates. They had booked me a garage too, thought it was kinda pointless at 1st, however, it was honestly the best thing they could have done.
Without that garage, I wouldn't have made 3 new friends, nor would I have gone out in an Exige 380 sport or a 750bhp Litchfield tuned GTR




Two insane cars which both made the clio feel VERY slow afterwards :ROFLMAO:


This appeared in the garage next to me just before I was leaving..



Got the Falkens nice and sticky, since ordered new tyres as these really aren't up to track days in the slightest. Although in fairness I gave them hell and they held up ok.


Heres all of the Javelin pics











I was so incredibly gutted there were no pictures of me with the epic backdrops of Anglesey, I'd be lying if I said that wasn't one of the reasons I wanted to go there haha.

I was captured in one shot, funnily enough with the two guys from my garage


Had an amazing weekend though, bit of bird watching, realised how fit I'm not after walking around at South Stack lighthouse, tried the best burger place on the island and had an absolute blast on track in mine and others cars.


Oh, and the drive too and from through Wales was something else, as always.

Didn't get many pics of the drive but, here's one from the A5 on the way back


Doing this has defo spurred me on to get stuff done on the clio

PMS bits arrived off of Stu


Now Scarab green



Tyres I mentioned above


Im not sure how these will be, they come very highly recommended off a fair few people, but there are always others who have bad reviews of them too.
But, for the price, I cant see me having a bad thing to say about them (£260).

Finally, today I got sent these. As you can imagine, I was VERY happy to see the last two :love:




Waiting for more money to come in before I buy Powerflex bushes.
My Sabelt wheel is off to Snappy soon aswell for an all leather retrim
Excited to be progressing with this, especially with how slow the Porsche is coming on atm lol!


ClioSport Club Member
Been doing a few bits and bobs on the clio and spending some pennies.

Test fit the ally bonnet as I wasn't sure it was still straight given it was creased.




Got the worst of it out, and seems to still be the right shape. Lot of flex in these ally bonnets though.
Need to get the paint stripped and give it a skim of filler in places. Debating buying the kit for painting myself or getting it painted at a bodyshop. Bumpers and spoiler need painting.

Talking of the spoiler, this is why it needs painting...


No idea when, what or how. properly deep though, bit annoying

Back to the bonnet swiftly, thought I'd weigh them when I swapped the original one back on.



powerflex everything


Wishbone bushes
ARB inner and out bushes
Steering rack bushes
Rear shock top bushes
Rear beam bushes

Cant wait to fit these.... not

Wishbones were easy though


Bearings have been pressed into the new hubs too, cant remember if I've already mentioned that though,

Started doing a couple of the jobs I'd been putting off because theyre crap.

This one was really crap, I took absolutely no pictures aside from one of the spanner I had to modify


Changed my normal PAS lines for the cup ones. OH MY GOD what a c**t. Literally spent 12 hours doing it. Getting to the one that goes into the rack had me stuck for hours, almost impossible. I guess you should drop the subframe to do it but I wasn't doing that.
Done now though so I'm a little more happy with the air-con delete.

Also finally got round to removing the rest of the aircon from the heater unit.
This was also an annoying job, which again I didn't really take pictures of. The last bolt on the air duct into the cab was a nightmare to get to but managed it in the end after spending about half n hour figuring out what I was doing wrong/why it wouldn't come out.



Was going to whip the sill trims off today, but I don't have a rivet gun so decided against it as I've no way to re-fit.
Had a look behind the rear doorcards instead....



Sooo, looks like I may have some welding to do.
Going to buy all the kit needed to treat/protect the insides, and a rivet gun and I'm gonna strip it all back repair.

On the plus side, found out I have Sony speakers


My Sabelt wheel is currently with @snappy
Ordered PMS ARB and a couple of other bits off of @Kev@KAM
Going to design/make a heat shield/ECU bracket over the next few days at work too, something I've wanted to do since battery relocation.

Be ready to fit everything soon, any advice on bush fitment, fire away.


ClioSport Club Member
Sooo actually did something I said I was going to do today, now there's a 1st :ROFLMAO:


Removed some unneeded bits from the gearbox mount, just battery supports I believe.

Made cardboard template



Will try get it cut out & bent up at work tomorrow/Friday.

Wheel... have to wait and see ;)


ClioSport Club Member
From pattern to reality in 2x dinner breaks :cool:



Do I paint it or just be lazy and leave as is?
Like the idea of body coloured but am I doing too much body coloured stuff?
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