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bad, bad day..

ok so my head gasket blew last night at three in the morning so i had to walk four miles home, the police came at 9 this mornin to tell me to shift it cos a farmer complained, now im looking for a new clio, i would post a request but i got a virus and it nackered up my internet explorer, so finally i have got it working, i was rusty_clio but that was nackered too.. so i will post for a 1.2 clio in the wanted bit!!

oh, bugger mate......

what did you have?

if its only the head gasket, its a quick fix, a day and your fine........all it takes is a 20 quid gasket.

just a 93 1.2 rl but the windscreen was needin replaced too cos a f**kin wagon shot a stone at it hehe, oil and water leaks somewhere too but i gave up lookin for them, garage quote £200-£300 but the cars not worth that! 96000 too so im lookin for another 1, have to get 1 quick tho or my dadl get me a fiesta or a 106 or something!

ah but clios are unique up here in the borders, theres only 1 other modded clio ive seen, ive never even seen a phase 1 valver or a willy before, theres none about! fiestas and.... astras are everywhere, i always get overtaken by the local sri and vts gang hehe would be nice to get back at them!!