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BB Tuning 1.8 16V Turbo

until of course it decided to break down on the strip, quite comical really

not sure what went wrongm seemed to be a transmission problem
  Laguna 2, Westfield

Quote: Originally posted by Bazza on 17 March 2003

Did anybody else see BBs 1.8 Turbo Black 16V on saturday @ Southend

Yeah when i saw it, was doing about 2mph being pushed, so in the answer to your question, not very quick lol :confused::sick:

mikey - yeah it was the one featured in maxy poo

aaronc - the good publicity came from the way it was flying up and down the strip, the quickest ive seen so far
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

No surprizes there then. But i guess i would have expected there demo to have an uprated gearbox to run massive boost.

Thats a problem with every highly modded turbo car though. :cry: