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Belgian 172s

I know this has been discussed before, but I did a search and got no response.
I have a mk1 172 which I imported from Belgium. Is the engine output of these cars restricted to 165-166 bhp? If it is then how do you remove the restriction? The Renault technical spec gives the output as 172bhp DIN or 123kw. My invoice has a strange gap giving the output as 11- kw.
Anyone got any ideas?.

Belgian 172s come with two different engine specs, one with 172BHP and another with 166BHP. The latter something to do with getting round some sort of emissions tax!

Youre not the guy I was speaking to at crail are you??
  Clio 197

They do indeed have a Belgian spec with a restricted engine. The literature we get here in Luxembourg lists the two versions. It is done as a tax dodge. As far as I know all the Belgian 172s are restricted to 120kw. And they cost €950 more there than here!