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Best bulbs for 182 Cup?


ClioSport Club Member
  TCR'd 172

Sorry...want to buy these but not got a response as yet....

Are these the best bulbs to give a near Xenon look to the headlights on a 182 Cup?

These are VERY good bulbs had em in missus car in h4 great light output look good too . had mine from here and also noticed these too not sure what they are like not legal i dont think but would look goo IMO
  Freetrack&Monaco 172
I got H7 Orsam Nightbreakers - they are white.

The halfords rally bulbs are also VERY white and bright ;)

I've got the +90% Nightbreakers on my Cup, really good white, and compared to the Halfords ones, they wont get you a ticket if your pulled :nono:

  3 Series touring
halfords rally are 100W iirc.....might be a bit of melting going on in the wires.