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BG182 and not a lot more.

Well this is my BG. When I bought the car it was completely bog standard...55k on the clock with spoiler pack (god knows why someone would buy this pack and not the cup packs)


This was the car when I bought it may 2012...




This being the car now (70k) ...

K&N panel filter
Miltek manifold back
Gaz GHA coilovers
Goodrich braided brake lines
Carbon fibre fog light surrounds
Carbon fibre rear bumper insert
Carbon fibre washer blanks
Carbon fibre wrapped bonnet
XXR 522 wheels
Yokohama s-drive tyres
Cobra Monaco Pro seats
Cobra tailored sub frames
Sabelt harnesses
OMP trecento steering wheel
OMP boss
Parrot MKi9100 hands free kit
Ferrodo DS2500 front pads
Brembo HC front discs
Skoda Fabia front splitter
Silver vision indicators
LED side, number plate and interior lights
Renaultsport mats
¾ front plate
Pressed rear plate
Lockable aerocatches
full geo setup by Mark Fish

Next on the list will be a cage before I get the balls up and get it on the track.
Not really ok lol all sorts of issues, still not quite right, I have to find a way to get the bonnet pins a little lower as they've run out of thread.

As for more pictures, I've just bought a lovely new camera so that's a good excuse lol

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
first pic its got splitter and anthracite wheels? so its got both cup packs?? or am I missing something?

looks good tho man nice work :)
first pic its got splitter and anthracite wheels? so its got both cup packs?? or am I missing something?

looks good tho man nice work :)

The original wheels were sprayed that colour by the previous owner.

The new wheels are 16x7 too.

Roll cage is ordered and i've got my name down for carbon door cards in the group buys so shouldn't be long before it's all in.
A little update…cage is all sprayed ready for the spreader plates to be welded in then fitted.

Door cards are on the way along with cup racer handle spacers and TTV racing lightened flywheel. So when I get the new clutch they'll go on together.

I ordered a set of power flex steering rack bushes but with a little problem from supplier they sent me the wrong set (rear top mount bushes) but as a way of apology they said I could keep those. A free £45 bush set. I'll not whinge lol



Well the cage is finally fitted, though due to my slight incompetence i need to respray it. also the rear carbon fibre door cards are fitted.

So it's getting there albeit eventually...


I didn't because I'm a muppet lol it is on the agenda. as for the harnesses they're quick release, I've tried but they don't seem to split to allow me to mount them on the cage.
Ok so a little update...

I've ordered PMS solid top mounts and strut brace and carbon fibre front and rear badges.

also the cage will be coming out this week and being resprayed. Pics to follow...