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Ive been having all the bonnet, drivers wing and passenger side and rear bumper resprayed due to an IDIOT with a scratching disorder also im having it colour coded and lowered whilst its in there, i took it in thursday morning and my mate said definately have it back monday but they have phoned to day and said it will be tomoorow now as they had to strip more than they realised at first gutting i was really looking forward to having it back today as well.

You dont realise howmuch you rely on your car till u gotta catch a bus!

Yeah, its true....bodyshops always take longer than they say. I was told 3 days and they took a month! f**king monkeys!

I wouldnt expect it back tomorrow. They will call later today or tomorrow morning saying it will be wed!! You will probably get the car lat this week or early next week

Hope its ready for the meet on Sunday mate!

I had a black 1.2 16v Dynamique pull up next to me at some lights on Saturday - had a massive install, big wheels and dual exhaust. Anyone you know?

He went for it when the lights changed, but my car was really slow that day so decided not to give him a slapping. I had my girlfriend in the car and shes the worst performance killer in the world - shes only 5foot high and weighs 7 stone, but hates acceleration so I have to behave!

LOL @ ben yeah hopefully ready for the meet on sunday!

there are a few about were they silver supe Ls? if so i know him he has no rear seats and 4 subs i beat him on the SPL meter thopugh at the meanstreet cruise he wasnt best pleased!

THere is another one as well driven by a lady with 16s a nice pink install:pand a dual remus exhaust with blue under car neons could of been eithier im seriously thinking of changing car to many black ones around!

Yeah my missus moans when i do 60 on a motorway!LOL

Yeah, I think they were silver SL wheels. The car had some audio company graphics on it, but I cant remember what they were.

The full story was that I flashed him to say "nice car" as I went round a corner, so he followed and he even went through a red light to catch up to the red light I was at.

He must have thought I was going to be some rude boy who was going to give him a toasting, but then he must have heard the Simon & Garfunkel CD my girlfriend was playing loudly on my stereo - and known that I wouldnt possibly be going for it when the lights went green!!:p