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Bored of 172 already


ClioSport Club Member
Only bought my 172 a few weeks ago but I don't think it was the right car for me.

It's a 2003, 1 owner 172 with FSH, cambelt and aux belt changed and only 36k so should be reasonably 'easy' to sell. I would need £4,400 to cover my costs and given what they go for that should be ok ish. Maybe have to drop to £4,200?

But seeing Trophies dive in price and the relative non rawness of the 172 and blandness I am a bit bored already.

Bar the xenon's there isn't really an awful lot I really like about it :(

Considering selling this, the Williams and adding 1k or so to the 'pot' and getting a Trophy.


Is it worth it do you think or should I hold off and buy something much different in the summer like a DC5 or Focus RS after I finish my exams?
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  Saab 93 Aero Wagon
No offence to 172 owners....each to their own and all that, but i think i'd quickly get bored of a FF 172 after having the Cup.
Just doesn't feel as special IMO
  audi a6 3.0tdi
Its got to be ph1 i wouldn't have anything else clio wise. I've been looking at ph2's with my mate and they are just not the same
  RB 200 Cup!
Its got to be ph1 i wouldn't have anything else clio wise. I've been looking at ph2's with my mate and they are just not the same

nope def not the same - ive owned both and each have their own very special qualities
  MCS R56
Its got to be ph1 i wouldn't have anything else clio wise. I've been looking at ph2's with my mate and they are just not the same

Too old now and nasty interior, imo.

If you are bored, get something other than a Clio.
  audi a6 3.0tdi
interior is horrible not debating that i'm on about the fun driving factor and the rawness of them. i don't use it everyday so interior isn't an issue for me
  Nissan 350z
Surely if you want rawness the Williams would be the way forward? Dont get much more back to basics than that interior :p
the interior isnt that bad now TBH

ive seen much worse

glanza interior's are much morse that a PH1 172 interior


  RS2'ed 172 Cup
Love my 172 cup, didnt really fancy a "normal 172".
Love the rawness of the cup, Having been in the Trophy my mate had It was nice but (All in my opinion of course) I wouldnt spend the extra cash I spent on my cup on the Trophey just for the seats and fancy suspension set up.

Cup + coilys FTW IMO


ClioSport Club Member
Not a ray of sunshine in here.

Reckon I could get £4200 for it. There are some cheaper ones but mine has much lower miles than the ones on the for sale section and on trader.

Maybe I should sell the 172 and spend the proceeds on modding the Williams and another 2nd car for daily drive.

All though the Williams interior is a bit more primitive it has all the component parts a hot hatch needs, oil temp, pressure etc and not to mention a better driving position and steering wheel.

My worry is a 182 isn't much different to the 172 bar the turinis and sach's plus an extra £1.5k again.

Think I will have to take the Williams out this weekend and see what's what.
  audi a6 3.0tdi
does the williams actually need playing with? i'm looking forward to taking my mates out to see just how good they really are :)


ClioSport Club Member
It's not as quick as the 172 tbh.

Could do with a couple of things and if I had the time and money I would get some coilovers and potentially cams, manifold and remap. All in all would be circa £2k.

Would be dead money tbh but would get 175bhp and 950kg, could strip it out for 920kg and would be pretty quick then.

The thing with the 172 is it has a few scratches here and there and you can tell it hasn't been enthusiast owned but it's obviously not been thrashed. Whereas the Williams is pretty much mint no dings or scratches but has had its fair share of a good caning.

However, the swing is the 172 is in better condition mechanically etc.

Bit confused as to what to do. Be a bit gutted if I couldn't shift the 172 for at least £4,200 tbh which is what it's cost me.

Checked on trader and 5<yr old 172's with sub 40k and 2 owners with FSH and cambelt's are up for 4.8k - cannot see it being worth less than 4.5k?
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If you're bored with it, with the money you need to come up with to get a DC5, use it to mod the 172 instead. A set of coilovers, remap/filter, ITB, weight stripping etc should make the 172 a little more interesting. The car market is pretty much stagnent at the moment and you'll struggle to sell it. Keep it and mod it!


ClioSport Club Member
  Golf R
Sorry but no offence to all the People that think the Interior of a Phase 1 is pish.

But tell me this how many of you are looking at how nice the seats are when your driving? Or how badly everyones steeringwheel is fucked>?

Not me to be honest, im just glad that when its getting tossed into a corner its still holding me out the otherside. All in all? I couldnt give a rats tit about what the seats look like, i bought it because its a fast/economical hot-hatch.

If you dont like the seats buy a Ladda with re-trimmed leather :eek:

This all ofcourse is, as OJ Simpson would say, In my Opinion