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Both reverse lights not working on Ph2 172


  RB 182 Cup
As per title. The other night I noticed my reverse lights no longer light up when the gear is engaged. I have checked all the relevant fuses (there doesn't seem to be one specific to the reversing lights in the box by the dash) and the bulbs appear on inspection to be intact also.

Is it worth replacing both bulbs just to check?

What else should I be checking? The wiring?


EDIT: Just seen this thread:

The contact points being where the wiring meets the bulbs?
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  "Navy" N17 TWO
Your bulbs might be ok mate, I had this a few months ago on my 172 (Ph2)

Put your wipers on, select reverse gear
Does your rear wiper come on?

If not, your reverse sensor on the gearbox needs replaced.
It's located behind the n/s driveshaft on the side of the box


  RB 182 Cup
Think it is the reversing sensor. Rear wiper doesn't do the automatic sweep when I select reverse. Renault want £20 for a new sensor which seams reasonable.

Fitting wise is it an easy job if I get the car up on ramps?
  Ph1 track 172
check the fuses again, the reverse fuse is in there but its labeled as something else.

plonk a fuse in every available slot, then try it, before forking out for a new sensor.


  RB 182 Cup
Right my reversing lights and rear auto wiper started working again last night. Yay for Renault random build quality!

I'll recheck all the fuses and get Renault to look at the sensor for peace-of-mind (no doubt they'll find it's 'faulty' and insist I need a new one). MOT is very soon so I don't want them failing again.
  "Navy" N17 TWO
Check the connection to the reverse sensor is tight & that the pins are clean then :)

Renault will charge a fortune no doubt to just even have a look!
  180.6Bhp 172 cup (cc)
i got same problem, Can you put a photo up of what im looking for on the n/s driveshaft? :eek:

Will have a play with it over the weekend
  Clio sport 172cup
Can some one tell me if my reverse lights run of a relay? If so what relay is it? Iv put all new fuses in and new bulbs and still don't work. Don't now what els it could be,

  Renault Clio
The reversing light switch is just behind the front left wheel. The amount of forums where people have said to take the whole gear box out is rediculous I got to it just as easy by taking the front left wheel off. It will be green, probably won't be able to miss it. It is a common fault really just replace that switch and all should be well, ps reversing lights are not a legal requirement therefore will not be part of the MOT don't worry about being failed on that ground.
  Renault Clio
Yeah why. Can't seem to get much help !
The whole of this thread is telling you exactly what to look for, there is not a fuse specifically for the reversing lights as it is part of the rear window wiper fuse. If that is working therefore it is not the fuse. Check the reversing light switch, better yet buy a new one for around £15-£25.