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California Water blade

Best thing Ive ever bought.I went across to the states recently to see my inlaws.So I stocked up on a few Auto supplies.They make something for everything over there, and its cheap.Anyway I came across this waterblade thing.Ive heard ppl talk about them before but not like them.I think its brilliant.It clears the water off in one stroke.At first I thought one little piece of grit and I will have a scratched car but Ive never had a scratch from using it.Ive seen a few similar products over here but the silicone used for the blade always feels a lot harder.
I even managed to find a nifty little oil filter wrench that lets me remove the oil filter on my 172 with no skinned knuckles woo hoo...

The one on wvc was the hydrablade, which i have and it is well worth the money.

It is also the one sold my AutoGlym so you could probably get it in halfords... they were on sale in my local vauxhall dealer the other day.

well worth it!

  Skoda Fabia vRS

ive got the Turtle Wax one but ive not used it yet, is there any knack to usin it, how much pressure do you apply

Brun.... I usually start with the roof then the bonnet... as the water seems to mark these quicker in the soon.Just go in straight lines, from the front to the back of the car, or visa-versa.You only need enough pressure to mould the silicone blade to the shape of the panel.Youll find its not much pressure at all... and the blade will glide across quite easy.Oh but dont try drying the same spot twice.The water kinda helps the blade slide across the bodywork.
  Ford Fiesta

ive got the turtle wax one, its god but I only use it for windows now. I used it on the bonnet and it did leave a slight mark, I feel safer using a chamois.