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Can I put a 2.0L performance exhaust on a 1.2/1.4 clio mk3?

Looking at buying a 1.2/1.4 clio mk3 and want to change the exhaust. I am not concerned about perforance just the noise. I have searched for after market perforance exhaust and have struggled to find anything. There are plenty of exhausts for RS and 197 but I was hoping someone would be able to tell me what would happen if i put one of these on to a 1.2/1.4.
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Try googling 'custom exhaust (your nearest large city/town)' in your local area. You may have someone closeby.

It should be a relatively easy job for them for a catback system. Few hundred quid maybe.

Alternatively, there must be a backbox
you could buy from ebay for sub 100 quid just for noise.
So go for a smaller backbox rather than larger? Is there any sort of basic tips for making exhausts loud?


Absolute wetter.
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Cut out all the boxes so it sounds like a fart in a drainpipe.

Kids love that.


Absolute wetter.
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Yea but totes gets you a smelly finger in McD's car park, so worth it.


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Get an induction kit/cone filter. Gives you a deep accelerating noise without any exhaust fart and will be cheaper. Get good cold air flow to it and you won't lose any performance either.


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Save your money and use it to buy a proper car later.

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Or, just get a local exhaust place to knock you up a stainless system with no silencers.

I'd 100% recommend just fitting good tyres, good brakes, good suspension if you really must and save money for a sportier car.

I wasted so much money on my old 1.4, and just after I 'finished' it, I found I could insure a 197 for a little extra... So I'd just spent the best part of £2k 'modding' a slow car and got next to nothing back to put towards the 197