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Can it be true?

  Lotus Elise
Hi fellas, just test driven a 2000 X ph1 172. 49k miles looks and feels sweet and a bargain to boot!:)

The only wee problem is a complete lack of history:( and the service light is on:dapprove:

Do I take my chances - it felt good and at under £4K seems too good to be true but also too good to miss!!!!

Advice is needed before I commit to possibly a financial disaster, how bad could it be?

  Chocolate Bar™
agree with that.

ive just agreed to buy a ph1 172 off the forum with 45k, full service, couple of choice mods etc. for £4300

so i wouldnt risk it unless it was £3k
  Lotus Elise
Fair enough but what if it was £3,700? pretty cheap eh? just ran AA vehicle checker - all kosher 2 owners, non import, no finance, no colour changes, no record of anything amiss. Still walk away? its a toughy
  Lotus Elise
how tits up could it go?, it felt fine, obviously needs servicing and engine brackets knocking but compared to HGF on my elise surely the problems would only be minimal?

sorry, such a newb.....
well if its been run with no oil for a while you'll need a new BE soon... could be the comp thats not been reset though, so worth checking manually, but for no history i'd pay 3200 tops
  320d M Sport
SERVICE light could just be the airbag wire under the driver's seat (orange wire). It's dead common.

Nothing lights up on the dash to let you know it needs a Service, lol, its stupid.
  Lotus Elise
cheers, although I'm still in 2 minds. if it had felt / looked like a piece of shite i would walk away but it didn't - it felt fine and I reacon the fella will probably take 3.5k. worth the punt i have thought?
  Lotus Elise
the seller said he'd spoken to Renault about the service light and they told him it may be due to a timer and that the car may not need servicing at all - does it come on on a timer? what else sets it off?
  Audi TT 3.2 V6
the seller is bullshitting you

the serv light has nothing to do with the car being serviced. it only comes on if their is a fault. another light will usually also be on with the serv light

airbag light + serv = airbag prob
engine light + serv = engine prob.

walk away mate
  Lotus Elise
thanks, my minds made up. cheers fella's. next post will be about mods, no doubt!

on a different car.

  Audi TT 3.2 V6
good lad. i read that 1st part and almost typed a message telling you your mad lol but luckily i read the 2nd part before replying.

any questions you need answering before buying another car just post a thread and im sure youll get all the help you could ever need.