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Can you fit 172 brakes onto a MK1 16v??

  GSXR 600
Anyone know what the differences are?? think they are 280mm disc? but are the calipers the same? if they are is it the carriers which are different?? or is it the hubs??

what would I need to fit the 172 brakes onto my mk1 16v?

cheers Tony.
tony 16V said:
are the calipers the same?
Yep all 172/182 calipers are the same

tony 16V said:
I'll put a wanted add and see if I can get a couple of 172 hubs..

I've got one £40. Its from a Full fat 172 182 Cuped packs are different but only in relation to hub spacing nothing related to brakes.
tony 16V said:
but the 172 calipers are different to the mk1 16v calipers.
Yee 16V 1.8/1.8/Mk2 phase 2 (excluding RS amd 1.2 8V models) and mk2 phase 1 1.6 16V calipers are the same

172 calipers are the same as 182 and some Megan models plus last shape Megan 2.0 models.