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car HU thicko here needing advice!!!

  2004 Racing Blue 182

im not clued up at all when it comes to technical stuff!!!

is 4x22w good, bad, or average, im not connecting any amps, not gonna be haveing stupidly loud music, just want it to sound reasonable if i turn it up to drown out the valver at 80mph!

any advice welcome.


  2004 Racing Blue 182

i only want to be able to hear it clearish when the exhaust is droaning on the motorway as i do alot of motorway mileage!!!

surely i dont need it to be that high a wattage, but im not an expert so i appriciate ur help stu.

  Civic Type-R

I say that cos my old head unit in my RT was 4x45 watts and you had to turn it up to like volume 20 to get it loud. So on a 4x22watt one I imagine you would have to turn it up pretty high to get a decent volume. Hope this helps.
  2004 Racing Blue 182

ahhhh, so 22 would be a silly move then, i wanna connect my shuffle to my HU and this one has a front USB slot on it, oh well never mind!


it will be loud enough to hear clear on motorways as long as you dont like people 5 mile up the road turn around and think your a loony like some people do you will be ok;)
  Octavia VRS

yeh I think 22 would be quite low, I got a JVC HU (nothing fancy) and that is 4 x 45W. Does the job

4 x 22 will be fine for use in a car, it has a volume control remember

4x45 is about the industry standard for new head units, however most people dont upgrade their speakers, so will never benefit from the uprated internal amp

if you were to go with the 4x22 head unit, a set of aftermarket speakers would be a worthy investment, if only to improve the overall quality, volume will be fine anyway

4 x 22watts RMS is plenty, ur general figures that get thrown around like 4x45w, 4x50watt etc are nearly always max figures which can be measured in many different ways (i.e. giving the manufacturer the opportunity to make the amplifier look more powerful than it actually is) however RMS is a standard measurement, and so is more meaningful. Most 4x45w ish units are about 4x20watts RMS