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Car Phone

I was just thinking about having a mobile phone car kit installed in my 172.

Do they have to add an ugly antenna anywhere?

Are the 172s hard to wire , and will my trim be destroyed in the process? (Ive had a bad experience with panells fitting loosley and never being the same from intallation and wiring)

The phone has bluetooth, so hopefully i wont have to screw an ugly cradle onto the dash, but will it integrate with the sound system and use the existing speakers?

I dont want to have to ruin the look of my car.

  996 Carrera

You can get an antenna integrated into a tax disc holder. I had one fitted into my previous car.

Luckily it was all paid for by my employer :)

ive just had my Nokia car kit refitted to my clio

i had it taken out of the golf when i sold it...

hasnt touched my trim except for a hole in my glove box (not noticeable)

cradle mounts on bracket that goes in left airvent (doesnt block it)

aerial... mine is a small strip one running down left side of screen... almost unoticeable.....

i had the choice of chunkier tax disc holder one or leather pouch type holder.... in fact, i have bothin case i change my mind !!!

wiring was a pain... the loom i got wouldnt fit back behind head unit !!!

when making or receiving call, "speech" comes up on dash display...

any more info needed, let me know.. i have all the part numbers for the bits extra we needed.
  Ford Fiesta

if its a bluetooth phone I wouldnt bother getting an "installed" kit. Get a decent bluetooth headset and the phone can be anywhere in the car or get a cradle which sits on the air vents. As you say and in my experience panels never go back the same.

my car kit is a car kit for the nokia 5 and 6 series phones....

CARK128 I think it is called....

not a car phone....

and yes, Bradfordlad.... i guess depending on how much the bluetooth bits cost... go the bluetooth route.....

The bluetuth headset is one option i was concidering, but i dont want to have to wear it everywhere i drive (you look like a moron), so i guess keep it in the door pocket and whip it out when you get a call?

Bluetuth car kit would be great though. leave the phone in your pocket, jump in the car and it turns to car mode. Phone rings, CD pauses and phone auto-answers after a few seconds? (i guess this is how they work if you dont have any buttons to push)

Headset seems like the way to go though, because i want to spare my Clio an ugly aerial, poor fitting panels, and the phone will probobally be used in 2 diff cars.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Bluetooth headsets are fine when the ambient noise level is low - I have one and have to slow right down to have a chance of hearing anything clearly but maybe my car is a little loud .... :)