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Carbon diamond on silver cup

  Ollie's Silver Cup
Carbon diamond arrived today; from extremeinferno :D

Really happy with it, love how it looks on the iceberg :)




  Ollie's Silver Cup
looks sweet!

Cheers! :D

Quality of the diamond is spot on; very impressed!

Was originally going to spray my original diamond anthracite, but going carbon just seemed that bit cooler. Need to have a look at the rear diamond now too I think, see what can be done with that :)
  200 Gordini
Carbon diamond thread? lol

Looks really nice!

Id post mine but id ruin the carbon on silver theme yous have got going on here
  Ollie's Silver Cup
lol! Speaking of carbon on silver theme to this thread, any photos of carbon splitters on icebergs? :rasp:
  Lupo GTI
I NEED a carbon diamond and carbon splitter now I've seen this!

Christmas list has its first two additions :)
  Ollie's Silver Cup
Yes Oliver i do have a K-tec CF spitter. it's covered over 40k now and has had a few meeting with low kerbs, so has had better days TBH.

I had a cf bonnet on my last car; that didn't like stones either!

Only had it on the car for a couple of weeks and after a few motorway miles it had already started to pick up a few little chips


ClioSport Club Member
^^^Yes mate, gotta love the zip-ties ghetto fix :cool:

TBH it does look better now Dicky, after i giving it rub with some wet & dry.

Problem get a new one next spring/summer anyway.
  Ollie's Silver Cup
Following on from this thread, I ordered a carbon front splitter from K-Tec yesterday :D

Front end does look lost at the moment without any splitter, so fingers crossed it will be here soon :)
  Ollie's Silver Cup
^^^^good stuff. They finish the front end off nicely IMO.

I'm going to get another one fitted next spring-summer!


Decided on the gloss finish, to match the diamond :approve:

I'm assuming it either uses original mounting points or it's a self-tapping screw jobbie? :)
  Ollie's Silver Cup
Got home today and it had been delivered! :D

Looks awesome, can't wait to get it on the car! Hoping I can get away from work a little earlier on Friday afternoon to get it done before it gets dark! :cool:
  Ollie's Silver Cup
Carbon splitter went on the car this evening :D

Photos aren't great and it was raining outside, but you get the idea! :rasp:

Really happy with it though :approve: