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Cheap V6



Ive been to Arnold Clark in Warrington today. They have had a demonstrator 172 and V6 both of which are being sold off (dealer was previously caledonia). You cant have the 172 as Im about to become the lucky owner. However, the V6 on an 02 plate is £17500. This is by far and away the cheapest V6 ive seen, especially from a Renault dealer. The salesman said that Arnold Clark wiped of £3000 of the price tag when they took over. Gotta be bargain to someone whos looking for one!!!
  Clio v6

Quote: Originally posted by JJ172 on 11 March 2003

Wait till the new V6 comes out - theyll probably drop the price of the old model even more!
Great news. Then I can get a spare one cheap.
  Clio v6

Totally agree Johhny.

Demonstrator = All departments within the dealership contribute a percentage of their monthly budget to offset the cost of a car which is half way to the scrap yard.

Buy a sales reps car and at least you know only one person has thrashed the nuts off it.


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does it bother you about the price slump in the market for v6s ? I mean im sure it would bother me until i went outside and saw my nice V6 sitting on the driveway, then I would be like f**k it.. its lurvley..

As you can tell pretty much everyone on here would have a v6 if they could ..
  Clio v6

Your right KDF. Its nice looking at it what ever the cost.

Looks like a heap of old shyte at the moment though. ( thanks lil ole pensioner, without insurance and too feckin old to be on the road in the first place Grrrrrrrrr )

Still the good part about bodykit styling is the BIC factor.

Clio V6 s look fantastic was looking at one last week at a dealer in huddersfield they are so fat its one mean clio but as with any car, new models always affect the old ones p****s you off. No doubt reno have a new V6 to take the place of the new one out this year
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Personally I think the v6 looks fantastic but I think its performance is a little dissapointing. 3.0 v6, 200+bhp yet 0-60 in fractionally faster then the Cup? Dont get me wrong, it must be full of torque and so much fun but you cant help wondering!


Provisional figures are 0-60 in 5.5 and 155MPH. Youd be surprised at how flexible the V6 engine is as well, which when driving it tranlsates into the feel of a much faster car. Im sure dash will confirm that the torque of the V6 comes in handy!

Its a lot like the VTS and the 172, not much between it with the figures, but the 172 has a more flexible engine, which translates into a faster feel.
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I thought the figures where 6.5 to 60. But I get what your saying about the engine, just on paper it dont really do it justice!

No its deffo 5.5 secs to sixty, hell Dash had his times at 6 dead in PGTI mag. EVO mag timed there one(MK1) at 5.7.

6.4 was the manufacturers figures, we all know they are there to be beaten. Remember the 6.5 for the Cup is not manufacturers!

Check out then on the navigation bar go to cool stuff then test drive and click the article on 0-100. Its about the 172 giving the V6 a run for its money and nearly beating it. All figures i have seen for the V6 have been above 6s. Manufacturers figures for cup are 6.9 to 62 which would probably mean 6.5 to 60.
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my car was demonstrator (had 68 miles on!!!!) i thrashed it from day one and it dod no harm, in fatc id say its looser cos of it!!