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Cleaned.. Day&Night.

  TTRS & V50
Well its only every so often i get the chance to clean my car when im back from Uni. And as this weekend was nice i got the chance too.

For the wh0res;
Bilberry for the wheels, CG extra strong wash for front end and lower halfs.
Megs gold class wash. Plush towels to dry. AG fast glass for windows.

Didn't bother with tyre gell as it'll be pointless for where i live and this time of year.

Also sorry about the lense, was the only one i brough home with me.

After wash.





Later in the evening. Bit cold so didn't hang about..





  TTRS & V50
Very nice. Perfect tbh

Thanks :eek:

Whats that sitting on suspension wise?

V-Maxx, fully down at the back, loads to go on the front.

really nice, sits perfect

I umm and arr a lot. Think im going round to Pepsi's again to go down a bit more on the front.

Looks good, i starting to like the 5 spoke 172 wheels again.

I like them, but then sometimes i want turinis, or even better amphasite 2118's. Funds do not allow though :( Proxies and 172 rims it is.
  TTRS & V50
Snap, gave my Iceberg a good clean today aswell. That lense makes my eyes go funny :S

The lense isn't the best for TRUE car photo's, but like i said its the only one i had with me.

Noticed you bought one from a CS member ;)
  "Navy" N17 TWO
Brilliant pics mate, even if the car looks like its trying to get into the camera in the first 3 lol

I like your car :)
  TTRS & V50
needs a snow plow on the front tbh

and a re-firb???

Snow Plow ? Fronts getting wound down another 10mm once the weather stops being ghey. No way on earth could i get a splitter on there. Although i might try a megane small one just for jokes.

Referb, agreed, they are fucked, woman previous owner. But i can't see the point spending 150 quid to refurb 172 rims as im not the biggest fan of them anyway. So i wrapped 'em in toyo t1r's and thats the only treat they are getting.