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Clio 1.5dci oil capacity

  Vectra GSI
Just wondering what the oil capacity will be on 2001 (51) Clio DCI 65.

Have just changed the oil and filter on mine, and the oil is smearing while pulling the dipstick out too check if it's full or not. Would rather know roughly what's ment to be in it rather than just take it for granted that near enough 5 litres come out (drained into a 5 litre thinners tin)

Considering running it for a night then draining it again in the morning and fiilling with fresh stuff, as this was just cheap oil and I've since read that your best using a better oil.


ClioSport Club Member
  anything i get
leave the dipstick out for a good 5 mins and then recheck , use good oil , and dont overfill , better of leaving lower than max than overfill at all.