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clio 1.8 rsi or 16v

im 17 turning 18, and ive had a 1.4 rt, which i did up and really enjyed driving, but ive go rid of that am now im carless i wud love to own an rsi or 16valver, cus ive seen sum going quite cheap on auto trader, but being only 17 insurance is a huge obsticle. is it possible to do?? id go on my mums inusrance as a named driver, probably only 3 party F&T? any ideas of if and where id get insred for a resoable amount? and also wudad wots the difference in performance between a valver and an rsi?

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im not dissing the rsi but it was never meant to be a performance car like the valver but u will find it hard to get insurance for a resonable amount its down to wether u want to pay it

drive both and try an get a 16v parked nxt to an rsi ull know which one ull want :D

also cheap valver could mean big bills if its not been looked after make sure u tread carefully
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Theres no question. Get the 16V!!!!!!! Even if the insurance is a few hundred more its worth it. RSI is nice but its just a fancy RT with a quicker engine in it. The 16v is in another league and is quite a bit faster!

16v without question.

But there is the matter of insurance as Matt says... Could u afford it? It would be around £1500 TPFT at 18. Even with the Rsi i would guess it would still be high!

but if u really wanna go for it, go for the 16v u wont regret it! :D

If you can get the car put in your mums name and she has reasonable ncd you should get insurance sub £1000 with cis, that would be with an any driver(anyone could drive the car) policey although you can still be a named driver although i dont know what difference that would make

The RSi is a good warm hatch if you consider it in isolation. It has decent urge from its 110bhp 1.8 8v engine and has sports trim, side skirts and alloys. It develops a similar amount of torque as the 16v, but at much lower revs - that doesnt make it as fast, but it does make it more relaxing to drive.

But youre not considering it in isolation! The 16v was designed as a proper hot hatch from day one and there are major differences between it and the RSi. In effect, the RSi is a stanard car with some nice trim and a good engine, whereas the 16v is a substantially altered car.

The 16v has wider tracks, a different rear suspension system, beefed up bodywork (including the legendary bonnet bulge and arches), higher spec brakes, -40mm lower ride height, uprated shocks, different interior, revised transmission system...not to mention a belter of a 16v engine!

The 16v (Williams) F7P (R) Clios were rallied in Group A during the early-to-mid 1990s and still hold many tarmac stage FWD records. The 16v and later the Williams were the homologated cars:

Dont forget a close ratio box, uprated clutch and as std 7,200 rpm!

16vs rock and you can get good one cheap now but, that mainly due to high insurance and maintance costs!! Be carefall of cars around 80k .... will be cheap becasue thay need a new timing belt and most will need a new clucth, engine mounts and whole new gearbox!! thats a lot of bill (I know from experience!) Try Adian Flux, thereve got a website and they a specialist.

Dont let me put you off any fast car will have a decent maintanence bill just need to plan for the big ones and, as far as fast cars go, for a few grand the 16v is in rocketship teratory!!

Got me think now, these butter power steering, the electric sunroof, extra dails, a much stiffer "chassis" ...

The only share peices of body work are the roof and boot. The valvers even got Fibreglass frount wings to balance up the weight of that staggering lump!

Any me a Ben have missed ....

the wheels!

anyway tom check one of my previous posts about the 16v the car was a belter and it still to this day i regret selling it! :(

There is a rare 3rd option .....

The first Clio I got, at 18 and just recently brought the misses one .... the 1.8RT.

Its basically like any RT but has nicer seats (but not sports) and, as the name implies a 1.8 lump under the bonnet. Its a 95bhp 8v mono-point job, quite pokie and

GROUP 7!!!

A normal 1.4 is a group 5 so its pretty good compared to a group 11 RSI and a 12 16v!

Does make a b**ch of a noise through a s/s as well! Louder than my valver!! (but not as racey)

Just an idea ....
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Jon16V got insured on his valver in his own name (i think) when he hit 18 (and had been driving 1 year) £1600tpft through

insurance is an arm and a leg, im 19, £2000 TPF&T on my own name with Cat1 alarm&immob and limited 5k mileage. I have zero no claims though!

At first i was gonna get an RSi but when you read about the 16v it is in a whole different league. The arches and bonnet vent should be enough to tempt you anyway!

Blimey! Last year, when I was 21, with no no claims (had previuosly been insured on my dads policy) it only cost me £800 FC on my 16v!!!

try looking on

they seem pretty good and look at all the other insurance companies. im 19 no ncb looking for insurance tpft on a 1.8 16v and the lowest was £1000. pretty good.

have a look

JIm wRiGHt

If your buying a valver take your time. Even pay for an inspection as it will work out cheaper in the long term. I checked mine as well as I could when I bought it but these cars are not very durable at all. New clutch (460 quid), Power steering pump (£130 fitted), new rear caliper (£100), alternator and starter (£250) ECU (80 from breakers yard) plus £130 bill from Renault for some diagnostics and minor rewire. it still needs a new gearbox so thats even more expense. Ive owned the car for 5 months and couldnt forsee any of the above when I bought it.

Not trying to put you off buying one, but these cars are problematic. It is great to drive when it works, and is undoubtedly a very quick car. My mate bought a Mk3 golf 16v at the same time I bought my clio. Yes, my car is quicker but he has jsut sold the car for exactly the same money he paid for it 6 months ago and it never had to go near a mechanic in all that time.
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Quote: Originally posted by Ben H on 10 February 2003

Blimey! Last year, when I was 21, with no no claims (had previuosly been insured on my dads policy) it only cost me £800 FC on my 16v!!!
thats what im waiting for!! 1 year 4 months to go...