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Hello guys, my name is Ivan and I'm from Bulgaria. Here in my country we don't have many valvers around, as I'm aware they are around 20-25 for the whole country.
So far I've had 2 of them for dailydriving in past 3 years.
This year a friend of mine borrow the car from me and smashed it under one truck...
We've decided to rebuild it and make it a real racecar under FIA regulations for our national hillclimb championship, but here in our country the money we earn is NOTHING... (for example the average wage for a MONTH is 700BGN which is less than 300GBP) so its really hard for us...
So... the crashed car is in pretty bad conditions, but according to local specialist is fixable.
During the months waiting to save some money... i ended up Buying a second Clio 16v and crashed Clio sport 172.
The thing I have done so far is:
- Stripping completely the 3 of the bodies.
- engine from the crashed Clio 16v - F7R710(megane 2.0 16v) is out for rebuild
- engine from the crashed Clio Sport - F4R730 is out, ready to be put on the ready shell (inside it has forged wossner pistons, catcams shafts and pulleys, throttlebodies, original lightened helix autosport flywheel, standalone ecu)
- collected a lot of parts which I am gonna need in future when assembling

Plans for near future:
- the smashed shell is gonna wait for now.
- the second shell i bought need some welding fixing a rusty places - will do that soon and starting putting it together
- gonna completely diasseble the F7R engine, wash all the parts, gonna use Cranckshaft and rods from F4R engine which i bought today, a lot of porting on the head, hopefully if i manage to save some money will buy some Regrinded camshafts for it
- Exaust manifold from 172(need to modify it a bit)
- some custom cold air intake - have something in mind
- 172 widetrack convertion, with 172 brakes
- 20mm spacers all-around
- master brake cylinder from 172
- all the glasses out and putting lexan, poliamid on their place
- single bucket seat and 4point harness
- billstain suspention which i have from previous cars
- need to fugure something how to mount the speedo and the oil gauges, as i am not gonna use the dashboard.

Probably I'm forgetting many things at the moment, but will update!
Sorry if I'm not spelling anything correctly, Cheers!


Lets update the thread a little lol
on 25.12.2017 I bought an 1.4 Clio, broken rear axle, and a lot to do...
So I decided that i am gonna do it 1:1copy to 16v
Since then have done:
- whole interior from 16v
- steering wheel from 16v
- rear axle from 16v, new pads, new shocks, 20mm spacers
- front shocks with lowering springs from 16v
- front bonnet from 16v
- front bumper with fog lights from 16v
- 20mm spacers on the front end also

and still a lot to do:
- I have the front 16v wings/fenders in stock just need to put them in place
- I have also the rear 16v panels/wings/fenders in stock, just need to weld them up
- after that going for 172 widetrack conversion
and when all that is done:
- and F7R710 is going for rebuild and going inside the white shell

will keep updating the thread.


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Shame your car got crashed by your friend. Looked like a hard hit too. You took on a hell of a project now though. Very cool!
Lets bump the thread a liitle lol
I collected some parts, so there is gonna be a progress soon!

To do:
- finding lower wishbone and arb from 172
- buing some other stuff for engine rebuild

All of the sticky stuff you have remaining inside the car, will come off with Autosmsrt Jelsol
Thank me later 😂

Mega effort going into this build! Quality stuff!
THANKS MATE, but i am living in Bulgaria, and i guess i am never gonna find this, but not so much left of it.
Actually i am going to the service after 1 hour today to finish the trunk and after that i will show in pictures what i am doing next because cant explain it really :D
a little bump from yesterday lol
lets move the thread a bit...
Renault Sport Clio R3 WRC engine head

just to see how it looks on 17s lol


some new goodies arrived

Also did A LOT OF PROGRESS ON THE SHELL, but pics soon when everything is done lol :p
Where did you get the WRC head?!
What difference will it make?

What is the pipe coming out of the sill??

I am envious of your garage and your skills :D
I got the head from 1 great Bulgarian rally driver, who is actually the first Bulgarian who attended in WRC championship
unfotunately he has an serious car accident... and... :(((((

and the pipes out of the sill are...
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