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Clio 172 Cup @ Timberyard, Braintree

  Abarth Grande Punto
Someone who drives a blue Clio 172 Cup 53 Reg with CS Sticker! lives in the same block as me! Ive got the Red Hyundai Coupe! If your on here fella then post a reply! The Coupe's sold and im getting a 182. Imagine that 2 CS Members in the same block!
  Clio RS 172 Mk1
for interest sake when you say coupe you mean S Coupe? I use to own one of those before my 172...:) the GT (Turbo) version ;)
  Abarth Grande Punto
mines a Coupe se 2005 facelift shape

stickers from merchandise shop tab on the left of this page !

I think it would be cool to choose to have your user name customed onto the sticker so you know who is who !
  Abarth Grande Punto
im getting this one!


I think thats the same colour as yours !