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Clio 172 cutting edge

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Well mine is now that some old b*****d has ran his key down my passenger side door and rear quarter.

The story:

I took my girlfriend to Nottingham on Saturday so that she could see her brother who goes to uni there, its his 20th Birthday. Parked infront of his house next to a bike shop on the path so out of the way of traffic. I made sure I was parked so as to not upset anyone. We all went into the city to do some shopping and when I got back I discovered that I had been clamped, not with a car clamp but with a bike clamp. Got the owner of the bike shop to come out who said I was not to park there and that he had clamped me and called the police. He had great pleasure in pointing out a key scratch that wavers from the front of my passenger door to the back rear light. After I got him to remove the clamp he appologised but only so I didnt do him any damage but then had the audasity to say have a good Christmas ahhhh!!!!!. What an f*ing, w**ker. Now I cant afford the rear spoiler and have to pay to get this fixed.

Merry Christmasd to you as well you mailto:b@*stard">b@*stard. I am going down next weekend to collect my girlfriends brother and bring him and his stuff home for christmas. He was so scared after clamping my car that he locked his shop, only 2.40pm.

Thanks to whoever it was in the Clio Williams in Leicester at 3.30pm on Saturday heading towards the Shire car park, seeing a fellow Cliosport memeber made me a lot happier.

Rant over.

Thank you for listening.
  320d M Sport

Thats well bad. We hear more of the nob-head behaviour everyday on this board? WTF is ging on with everyone, Im sure other people are just jealous? Bad luck. Wat a nob that guy is, Id be absolutely gutted as all my money goes into the car as it is....

  320d M Sport

Its got to be.

mailto:M@tthew">M@tthew on here had his done yesterday as well, i mean its 2 weeks till Xmas for fecks sake!

Greeper, wait till the next fire strike and torch his shop, he might be insured against this but his profits over xmas isnt, now whos having a fcuking "Merry Christmas".

Ho Ho Ho

I know exactly how you feel , I was so pissed off on Friday when it happened to me. Its put my ice plans back a bit :devilish: maybe there should be a clio meet outside his shop
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I second this but he was about 5ft and 75, just a bitter old man with an attitute, my girlfriends brothers 6 house mates are plotting revenge for me. Not looking forward to the repair bill especially as I have exhauseted a lot of my emergency funds due to Christmas and my girlfriends birthday late in Jan.

Not happy that I spent £300 when I bought it protecting the paint work. Never thought to protect it against bitter old men.

Oh well life goes on, but only just.

Hope you catch the g*t that scratched your car keep me informed on how much it will cost. I should get a quote tomorrow, the guy did wonders on my last car when I reversed into a concrete wall whilst on holiday.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG


I believe it was the old man who also clamped my car apparently he is like this reporting anyone for anything but did not learn this until too late. He said he knocked at peoples doors before clamping it but he never knocked at the door of the house it was parked in front of.

It was the way he was so happy to point it out and the why he took delight in mine and my girlfriends and her brothers obvious missery.

Oh well off to body shop to get an estimate later.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Just dropped Sooty (my car) off for his operation, £388, will be done tomorrow. The cut was so deep they will need to respray the entire side of the car, oh well as long as the end result is perfect I dont care, it is only money. :( . No new spoiler then for a while.