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Clio 182 - road car / track car / race car


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Cars back from cambelt change and.........

It works! Idles fine, drives fine and starts fine! It now has the PMS a/c delete bracket. I haven’t given it the full beans but it feels a little more responsive. Such a relief after what happened last time. Let’s see how we get on.


Just going to do an oil & spark plug change as a precaution, have the tracking done, get the trailer down from my Mum and Dads (forgot I had it!) and then trackday. I’m disappointed with how many trackdays I’ve done this year but it’s time to make a change!

This made me laugh aswell


Park on the drive on a slight slope and the rear wheel is clean off of the floor!


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Times moving on fast but still haven’t had the car out. Mainly because i’m still trying to adapt some wheels to get it on the trailer. But we’re close.

Nearly there, the car is to wide at the front and it’s hard to reduce it due to the brembos. Basically i’ve had to make a bespoke wheel for this made from a 16’ space saver and a 16’ wheel. It just needs welding together now but in principle it fits. Rear was fine as a Nissan Micra spacesaver clears the callipers easily and bolts straight on.

Highlight of the past few weeks when I got the car out the garage, left it to idle and then it stopped. Tryied to restart it but no joy as the battery was flat. Walk around the front to be treated with a strong smell of petrol! Opened the bonnet and the engine was covered in it! How it never caught fire I don’t know as it was hot as it had been running for some time. Once it had cooled down I found that the 90’ fuel line connector was loose. It had been pushed on and the O-ring was damaged. Near disaster avoided, I brought a new 90’ elbow just to be sure.

Little impulse purchase, a Decat pipe. Fitted it today (bad idea at the ground was on fire!) and took the opertunity to straighten the exhaust. It’s always been wrong but I didn’t fancy taking it off. I had it in the vice and bent the brackets as far as I dared. Just needs a little tweak but it’s 1000% better.





So when the wheels are complete I just need to get the trailer back, change the oil, top up the gearbox oil, have the alignment done and then we’ll be on track. Can’t come soon enough


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Busy day today changing fluids and making sure the exhaust won’t fall off. I changed the below brackets as the old ones were all knackered. Cost over £40 for the brackets!


Then an oil change. Couldn’t believe how black it was. After lots of research I used the original Elf oil. Turns out you can get this and the gearbox oil as cheap as any others when you look around. Didn’t get to top up the gearbox oil as spent the rest of the day getting the trailer space saver wheel together. Had to weld it at my mates house. Happy days as he had is 944 turbo with him. Loving the old school turbo lag and noises!

Bit of welding and then back to my house.

On the way home whilst going past a fancy pub/club I caught site of the new Car throttle feature car ‘Garath’. Didn’t go in as we were covered in dirt from the car adventures which is a shame as I like what Alex’s does. I did meet Ant from Wheeler Dealers on a plane to Ireland 2 weeks ago. Chatted to him and he’s a really nice guy.

Moving on the great news from today is the Clios going to fit on the trailer! Result.


Rain stopped play but fundamentally we’re good to get the trailer back and get the car on it at last.

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So here’s a strange look. Function over form!

Painted the new wheels hamerite silver as per normal. I’m right on the width limit for the trailer. If needs be i’ll make another one for the other side but I can’t delay it anymore, i’m getting the trailer back home tomorrow. Busy weekend ahead as I want the car on the trailer and the trailer in the garage ASAP. But then there’s no holding back


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I bought the trailer back in February and finally it made it to my house!

Cut to the chase, the car is on the trailer and the both of them are in the garage, result! But it wasn’t easy.

First up I jet washed the trailer, mounted the number plate perminantly and fitted some stands to it. Then the moment of tuth. Edged the car up and then realised I had to make some mods. Firstly the canards had to come off. Then I had to remove the rear light cluster and ‘adapt’ some metal work. Also needed to run a strip of wood to lift the new front spacesaver hub over the end of the trailer. Then hey presto it’s on!

Then I got to revere the trailer into the garage with the car on it. Not easy but it’s in!

Going to fine tune the trailer by changing some of the bolts that can catch the cars wheel face to flat headed bolts. Permenatly fit the wood and rub down the wheels and spray them silver again.
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Gone and put a deadline on the Clio as it’s dragging on this year. Nicest summer ever and the car hasn’t gone out once?

Coming up...

Rolling road 6th October
Donnington trackday 15th Oct

Car is now on the trailer properly. I moved everything out of the garage so I can just back it in now and not removed the drawbar to shut the garage door.


Cars off for alignment and a few checks this Weds. I’m interested by the rolling road as i’ve had the cambelt changed, a/c removed and decat installed. Knocked out 177bhp last time.

If it doesn’t blow up then it’s my first time at Donnington. Scary stuff


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After an 8 month layoff. New brakes, new cambelt, new wheels/tyres, becoming a trailer queen from a road car, various other changes. The clio went on it first track day. It didn’t stop raining all day and the little clio performed faultlessly!!

Well happy with the changes but would like to try it in the dry!

First time at Donnington. Interesting track but again I would like to try it in the dry!

I’m back in love with the clio. Always puts a smile on my face


Nice to have some photos of it off the drive again ?


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Official photos are in. Still happy reflecting what was a challenging day. I did film it but the footage isn't great as the road has reflected any form of light so you cant see where I'm going. Shame

Ade & Clio crop.jpg

As we're all Renault fans I'd thought a couple of photo of my mates 197 would be nice...................


Donnington can be slippery when wet!


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Oh s**t!

Was your mate OK?
Amazingly yes he was. Fustraited as it was the slowest crash in history. It literally tipped on its side when it dug into the gravel.

No scratches but a crease in the rear quarter and the mirror was knocked off. Lots of stones stuck between the tyre bead and the alloys. Once these were all removed and and the gravel out of the engine bay was removed he started and drove it around the block with no issues.

He managed to drive it home to Woking with no issues. Tracking will need checking. Unlucky to go over but lucky to arguably get away with it!


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So it’s been sunny ever since Donnington! Sod’s law I guess. Took the opertunity to decamp all the tools etc out of the clio and give it some love. It was filthy!



I cleaned it on the trailer. It’s taken 8 months to make the operation of getting it out of the garage and back in easy. It works fine now. Best bit is it’s literally ready to go for the next track day. Tyres/brakes etc have had little wear. I’m itching to get the wheels refurbished but this can wait. Draw bar is off so I can still use the garage for other things. Just drag and go now.

We’ll be out again in a matter of weeks ?


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Thanks to an unexpected bonus from work I purchased a second set of wheels for the Clio.

I now have some brand new Team Dynamics pro 1.2 in anthracite. They’re brand new but managed to buy them second hand off of a guy on eBay. Came in the Rimstock boxes with all the protectors still on them.

These are going to have slicks on them. Just narrowing down the options on which slicks to buy.

Can’t wait to get them on the car to see how the anthracite works with the graphics. The 2118s will be refurbished soon and I need to pic a colour.......


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Clio 182 - road car / track car / race car

Title of the project and it’s been bugging me for a bit........ GF05LWT (or as it is now C5EAD) hasn’t made it to race car status. Problem is i’ve spent to much on it and my personal circumstances have changed. When I bought it I was self employed and it was easy to loose some bills in the company etc.

One of my biggest goals in life is to race a car before i’m 40. That’s Oct 2019. Soooooooooo............

I’m going racing in this one instead!!!


When I got the clio everyone thought I was mad. Now one mate has one as a road car and two others have bought race ready ones. The one above has just been purchased and is ready to race. In hindsight I should have gone this route aswell! We’re going to aim for the MSV trackday trophy 2019 hence two drivers (40 min race 20 mins each). Mates just completed their ARDs test. I was busy on that day so I’ll will book mine for Jan/Feb.

C5EAD isn’t going anywhere (unless someone has a manual 996 4s they want to straight swap?!?!? Didn’t think so......). If I enjoy next season i’ll aim to get it out soon or just use it as a trackcar. Run slicks etc as there’s no limitations on trackdays. To much time, effort and care has gone into it!

If anyone recognised the blue one please let me know. Cheers


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Not so much of a car update but I passed my ARDS test today! The dream of racing a car before i’m 40 one step closer. I enjoyed the process today. The MSV staff at Brandshatch are great. The track was challenging as it was -2.5degC when I arrived. Very slippery!

Blue clio update - looks like I’ve secured some sponsorship to help this year. This is great news! The clio is booked in for new belts etc. We’ve also bought some new harder springs for it (same as C5EAD). There’s a test day at donnington 4th March which we’re aiming for.

One of the biggest headaches is we need to rebuild the dash to enter trackday trophy. Lots of work for no gain!

Thinking of starting a new build thread for the blue clio and the trials and tribulations of first year racing. This ones for C5EAD (or the parts car as my friends have started calling it!). The blue ones not my car but a lot of what i’ve learnt with my car is influencing what we do with the blue one.

Aiming to get C5EAD out next month weather depending.......


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C5EAD - dragged it out of the garage for the first time this year. Charged the battery and it fired up with a second! Not bad as it last run in October. The weathers looking good and there’s no puddles of liquids under the car so i’ve booked Bedford for a week today (22nd Feb). Looking forward to enjoying the new set up in the dry!

Not going to lie some dark thoughts have gone through my mind with the future of the car but at the end of the day it cost me £0 to keep in the garage so it’s staying for now. I’m well over due a good day out in it!

Team ‘double S racing’ .........

Is officially entered into the MSV Trackday Trophy. Blue Clio is off for belts change, spring change and alignment this coming week and then we’re booked on to the pre season test at Donnington 4th March.

We’ve managed to secure some sponsorship so here’s a little tease of the new graphics. I’m using the same guy who put the ‘yellow dots’ on C5EAD so it should look good!

If all goes to plan first race is 7th April at Donnington.

The two team cars together (blue/yellow car is team Auto Solutions)

The dream is becoming a reality........


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Impulse buy! With tomorrows impending trackday the weather is looking perfect, dry and not to hot! What pops up on facebook........ some slicks! With the spare brand new TD1.2s in the loft I set off to Bristol, picked them up and had them fitted locally!


Predicting some kind of mechanical breakdown but well have fun up until then! I'm also looking forward to seeing the car on some nice new alloys and not the worn out 2118s

Also we are going to be running two different tracks at Bedford. AM - West circuit, PM - Full track. At first I was a little let down but now I'm excited. Two different tracks for the price of one!



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Had the 'if Carlsberg did trackdays..........' trackday at Bedford on Friday. Weather was perfect and the Clio was perfect!

Remembering the car hasn't even been off of the trailer since October I did the sigting laps and then checked over the car. All was well so off we went on the 888r's. First time in the dry with these tyres and 15' wheels. Already I was over the moon with the car. Better balanced than before and more on the nose. No issues with brake clearance etc.

Second session out and I ran a bit wide on one of the back corners and spun. Was entertaining!

Car was fine. Went out again and then it was time to grow some and bolt on the slicks! I swapped them over when the converted the track from GT to West circuit.

So off we set, to my amazement there were no balancing issues with the second hand tyres and within 1-2 laps we were up to speed. The difference is amazing particularly under braking. If you can buy some slicks, for £100 its an amazing performance upgrade.

Video with the car on slicks....

Another success's is moving the go pro. Past videos make the inside of the car feature to much and the outside to bright so you cant see what's going on. Now its so much clearer. I've permanently mounted it so its between the two seats.


Three things fell off the car during the day! One of the new centre caps on the TD1.2 but of more concern is two of the three bolts from the drivers side engine mount. Seams like the tread has pulled through. I managed to get a new bolt to hold so with two bolts in we kept on going.


The track was converted back to full GT at 15.30. This was nice as I got to drive formats on slicks. As if by magic myself and two other friends cars (lotus elise and vx220 turbo) all took the chequered flag together. One mate manage to take a cheeky photo of the Clio on track with an awesome sunset. What happened next was very special for us. As we entered the pits I saw my mate starting to talk to an old man near his car, instantly I recognised this old man to be none other than Mr Jonathan Parlmer.



With the three cars lined up he spent well over 15 minutes talking to us about them. He had a genuine interest in them despite them all being old and not particularly fancy. He had so much praise for the 182 and its 2.0 n/a engine. He mentioned their fleet of newer 1.6 turbo Clios are constantly braking down! Talked about if I could take the last corner flat etc and my upcoming appearance in the Trackday trophy. On leaving I asked if we could have a lift home in his helicopter and he said yes!!! But only if we lived in Sufolk :)


So all in all an amazing day with some great friends. What's next for C5EAD? New brake pads and more of the same I think. It will let me down one day but it just keeps going and going and bringing a smile to my face and anyone who jumps in for a passenger ride. Truly is the best car I've ever owned......

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Some sad news for C5EAD......

I went racing last week if I’m the MSV Trackday Trophy and absolutely loved it!! Sadly this means C5EAD will probably spend all year in the garage but ATM it’s not going anywhere.

I dragged it out the garage and cleaned it as it was still hanging from Bedford. I also changed the wheels over as I didn’t want the slicks having flat spots at the bottom.


The race car was at mine before the race as I had to repair it after crashing it ?

I took the opportunity to take some photos of the two



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I made the decision to sell/break this car a few weeks back ☹ But the realised 2 weeks later I would be an idiot to do so!

At the moment it’s not getting used but that’s only due to the racing. The racing won’t last forever. Maybe a couple more rounds for this year and then I will end up needing a ‘track/racing’ fix with nothing to use.

The other reason was I’m desperate to get my dream car (Porsche 996) before I’m 40 but realistically it’s not going to happen without buying a dog of a car. Having spent so much time/effort in this car I can’t bring myself to start again. There must be room for two cars in my life?!

I've got so many adventures I want to take this car on. For starts I want to get over to the Ring and do a proper trackday with it, along with new tracks in the UK. I also still want to compete in it but against a clock, not close combat with others!

So what next........

A bit of everything but on a budget ATM until racing is over. This cars good but there’s more to give with a few mods. I also want to tidy the car up, its no show/garage queen but I want it to last. With this in mind I've started removing the rear of the car so I can -

Remove all the rust off the underneath of the car
Strengthen the rear been
Change the geometry of the rear whilst to liven up the rear
Paint the under side of the car
Install the current reg tow straps rear (and front)
Have the tatty 2118s refurbished in silver......
Strengthen the front wishbones (whilst its still in up in the air)

I'm also going to do some weight saving. The doors are going to be lightened, mirrors converted to manual ones, remove/alter the dash (including what's behind it) . I've already purchased some second hand headlights to make some blanks.

Currently I'm driving a rattily old 182 race car with questionable weight saving modifications. C5EAD is going to stay a good functioning car, no crazy weight saving compromising reliability and comfort!

Teardown started today but was halted when I realised my axil stands are with the race car 100 miles away :cautious: I'll get them this weekend




I'm also making plans to get the one thing this car needs more than anything...................................... LSD


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The rears all apart now. I think this is one of those small jobs that will result in the car being off the road for some time as there's more and more I want to do. Turns out there's lots of orange bits but nothing to bad.

PHOTO-2019-06-19-13-14-16 3.jpg
PHOTO-2019-06-19-13-14-16 2.jpg
PHOTO-2019-06-19-13-14-16 1.jpg

Time to order the strengthening kit and clean up the underside ready for paint.


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Not much movement on the Clio but that’s due holidays so I can’t complain!

The bits arrived from PMS. I’ve arrange who is going to be sandblasting, welding and powder coating them. Whilst the bits are there I will also be sending some other bits to gain a few ponies for the first time. More to come on that.........


It’s a crap job but I had to make a start on cleaning up underneath. I’ve spent many an hour under the car removing all the old mud, crap and rust. It’s easy to get carried away but it’s a track car and no concourse restoration. Hopefully we should get a few more years out of it.


I’ve completed a nice little side project that cost only £5.50 and saved around 2.5kg. I found a cheap set of headlights on eBay and have converted them to headlight blanks. I had some spare paint from the anthracite side trims and wing mirrors so painted them the same colour to match.


It’s time to start rebuilding soon and it can’t come soon enough.


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I might have been lying a little when I said i’d stoped taking the car apart. Whilst the rear was at the powder coaters I thought it would be rude not have some of the engine parts done at the same time. So off have gone the manifold etc for some powder coating and some porting..........;)


I’m looking forward to collecting it all shortly but have been sent a teaser photo.


Can’t wait to get them back


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I went to pick up my parts today from M.S. Custom Engineering and i’m Very happy!

Everything has been powder coated anthracite and in addition the main inlet has had the stripes colour matched to liquid yellow like the graphics on the car.

The inlets have been port-matched and gas-flowed and the throttle body has been gas-flowed aswell.

I also had the exhaust hangers and rear beam mounts powder coated aswell.


Then there’s the rear beam. This has the PMS strengthening kit installed and powder coated aswell.


I’m looking forward to getting all this back on the car ASAP now 👍


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Today we put the car back together. It’s nice to finally say that!

The day went well but a few little niggles have cropped up. I need to upgrade the short flexi brake lines but didn’t get chance to order them. Annoyingly I found the long hard line from the drivers side rear calliper has a couple of rust spots on it. This won’t be going back on so i’ll either go copper lines or order a new one.


Apart from that i’m Happy with what we’ve achieved......


I threw the bumper on as I keep tripping over it.


Once the replacement bits arrive it will go back on it’s wheels.........

for a few hours so I can take the front apart 😂


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  182 FFAT
waiting for the test drive as I ordered the pms beam strenghtening kit as well :) Hope you'll like it (and hopefully me too:p)
Nice story you have here, don't sell the car!
Have you considered the PMS custom adjustable wishbones?
How's your gearbox coping with the trackdays so far? looks like it's a std unit and doing well so far!


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waiting for the test drive as I ordered the pms beam strenghtening kit as well :) Hope you'll like it (and hopefully me too:p)
Nice story you have here, don't sell the car!
Have you considered the PMS custom adjustable wishbones?
How's your gearbox coping with the trackdays so far? looks like it's a std unit and doing well so far!
Thank i’m looking forward to getting it out again with all the changes!

If I started again I would go PMS front wishbones but I already have adjustable inner bushes which I think were circa £200. The strengthening plates were £20 so the combination is good enough for me.

The gearbox has been faultless. Drips a little bit but it never crunches. It’s served me well. When I go LSD it will definatly be this gearbox that gets the upgrades and a full rebuild. The question is when to go LSD. The car won’t be back until next year due to the new job so is this the time to whip it out............. hhhmmm

As for selling, no chance anymore. Racing has stopped in the blue one. There’s better ones out there but I didn’t build them.


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Turns out you can order the OEM brake lines from Renault and they arrive the next working day for a reasonable price. Not bad for a 15 year old car.

Also ordered the short braided rear lines from KAM. The only place I found that sells the rears on their own with next day delivery.


Time to get them fitted and then tackle the front of the car......


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  RB 182 & 172 Cup
I think I may need to upgrade my lines too. Do you mind sharing the price with me? Looks great too. Look forward to seeing more updates.

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I think I may need to upgrade my lines too. Do you mind sharing the price with me? Looks great too. Look forward to seeing more updates.

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Cheers, rear lines only are the third option listed here-



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After 4 months it’s back on 4 wheels.......... for now 😂

I was a bit lapse in taking photos but first up the new brake lines were fitted. Then attention was turned to the rear bumper. Remembering I want to compete in some sort of motor sport with this car i’ve now fitted two metal tow straps. A couple of 40mm holes were drilled in the back panel and the straps were bolted into the rails at the back.

This straps line up with the black insert in the rear bumper so a few minutes with the dremel and a couple of cut outs were made. I’ve also added nutserts for the clips to help remove the bumper if i need to.

Bloody exhaust won’t go on straight again but i’ll play around with it later.

Wheels went back on and down she went. It’s now facing the opposite way ready for putting all the engine bits back on, remove the wish bones and add the strengthening plates and then.............

Something big or add fuel and use



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First trackday for 2020 booked and i’ve only gone and booked the big one.............


So much unfinished business with this car and the Ring. Last went 3 years ago with a very standard ish set up.


Hope the cars back together with the bits I want in it. It might also have to become road legal again.....