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Clio 182 - road car / track car / race car


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  Clio 182
Turns out you can order the OEM brake lines from Renault and they arrive the next working day for a reasonable price. Not bad for a 15 year old car.

Also ordered the short braided rear lines from KAM. The only place I found that sells the rears on their own with next day delivery.

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Time to get them fitted and then tackle the front of the car......
Enjoying the thread very informative photos!

Don't suppose you remember the part number for the oem lines?


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Enjoying the thread very informative photos!

Don't suppose you remember the part number for the oem lines?
The one I used is this one -

The one for the other side is this one -



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Hi mate,

where you got this stickers from? Self made?
My mate Dan does the stickers. Has also did the blue one I raced with. He’s based in Bedford. The one on my car was harder to do as the yellow/grey colours are blended so it was printed.



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  Clio 182 Cup
Amazing read. Just sat and read the whole thing from start to finish some good mods. Also realised I was on track at brands when you did your Ards test was a cold day but the track warmed up nicely



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Finally I had some time with the Clio today. The good news is i’m finally going ahead LSD so I pulled it out the garage.


In preparation for the gearbox removal I took the bonnet and the bumper off....... and the wings........ and the side skirts! It’s fair to say I got carried away but the reason for this is I want this to be the last time the car comes apart except for routine maintenance. Once the diff is in I just want to use it.......... and then finally get a 996!


Some areas of concern showed up. I need to rebuild the jacking points and remove and paint all the rust areas.




I also want to sort this area out around the battery.


Parts are arriving ready for when it gets put back together. I now have OEM service parts and gaskets for the inlet. Santa also bought me a proper cover for the inlet cone.



Now it’s time to book a weekend in and get that gearbox’s out at last :)


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I've had time today to remove some more bits ready for the gearbox to come out. Hopefully this is happening tomorrow but I think my mate/mechanic has got the man flue so we'll see.

The cars up in the air now so I've removed the front wheels, arch liners, radiator and ECU bracketry. To be honest there's a lot of corrosion about so whilst the gearbox is away I'll tackle this as best as possible.

PHOTO-2020-01-10-15-53-52 1.jpg


I've also been spending! First up was a new off side side skirt as I damaged the current one when the car slipped of the jack many years ago:mad:. £30 delivered in the same colour, not bad. Next up was a second hand KTec induction pipe in black. This is no show car but I thought this would compliment the powder coated inlet bits when cleaned up.


Last up was a big surprise...………...EPAS o_O

I've never had an issue with my standard hydraulic power steering, in fact I liked it! But I've seen many play up so I'm probably on borrowed time, After seeing the oil on the outside of the pipes today I now know I was on borrowed time!


PHOTO-2020-01-10-15-53-52 3.jpg

I did want manual steering. Remember the blue race car has this and I hated it. So whilst everything's out I'll convert the column and rack. Problem now is do I pull the subframe out and refurbish/paint this?! The list goes on and on and on and on...…...…...…...............….


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Sad news - the gearbox is in the car due to illness :(

Good news - I’ve invested in an engine hoist.................... to remove the engine and gearbox this weekend :oops:


The more I looked at it the more I wanted to do so taking the engine out seems the simplest solution. I’m not going proper OCD with it but whilst it’s apart I can tidy a lot of bits and also remove a lot of bits I no longer need.


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Today we finally removed the engine and gearbox from the car. I’ve never done this before so it was interesting. Shame it’s so cold outside today the frost never went away!


The gearbox is off to Mark to work his magic on it. It’s a bit wet inside but apart from that seams fine.

The gearbox actually works fine with no crunching etc but I’ll get anything and everything changed if it’s needed as I don’t want it out again.


Time ran out to take the subframe off. Once it’s off it’s time to start getting the rust and crud off ready for when the gearbox comes back. All in all a good days work