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CLIO CUP - details/brochure

Just popped into Toomey Renault in Basildon and they have the Clio Cup brochure in.

Spoke to the service guy Steve and he said they are trying to get the costs of the tuning packages from Renault at the moment.

He also said all the tuning goodies, cage etc. that the Cup will be able to have, will fit the mk2 AND mk1 172, without affecting your warranty...he thinks there will be some engine tuning upgrades as well. So that means Renault fitted and approved engine mods...wicked

they are also getting their demo cup in real soon...


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Yup, Ive got one of the Cup brochures already and driven one a couple of times too, probably racking up a good 50-60 miles in it!

Still cant decide whether to go for it or not...