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clio slight misfire and low on power and fuel smell in exhaust


ClioSport Club Member
I have been trying to find the problem for a while now. it like it over fueling.

It is running a little lumpy and a mate thinks it a bit underpowered it also has a strong fuel smell. It also has a lot of condensation coming from the pipe after stating still for a while.

I have check the oil and coolant levels and they are both good so thats a start, also i have changed my map sensor.

my obd was saying
coolant temp 96 c
air intake temp 62 c
lambera bank 1 s2 does not change at all but s1 dose

is that right ?


ClioSport Club Member
ok thanks finally got to the bottom of it :)

it was the leads i saw tape on them and the felt them and they were all cut up down to the internals replaced them and it all happy :D the old owner must of been a bodger. makes me wonder what else is bodged :dapprove: