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ClioCup vs CooperS vs FocusRS vs Scooby

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Interesting article - way too sensible for Evo! Strange how they compare cars costing £13,000 and £21,500 in the same test though - how many people who bought a Cup were also actively considering a Scooby I wonder?

actually Mike, quite a few - probably...

the new car market is always compared to the second hand car market.

scooby ugly mofo rust buckets are available second hand at the price of a new (SENSIBLE) import 172, so why NOT ??

Ive never seen one rusty subaru impreza Joe, i have seen a few rusty renaults though (ok they were r5s, 9s and 11s) ;)

The cup probably is the bargain out of the lot of them though, the Subaru is strangled with 3 cats and a very restrictive exhaust, the RS is seriously quick but badly flawed, the mini has those gismos to keep it on the road to takes the fun out of the driving a bit and the cup is for a more serious and experienced driver who likes a bit of raw edged fun.