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Cliosport Awards 2002

  VW Transporter 174

Well its that time of year again where we honour those of us who have made a great Cliosport forum even better this year in 2002.

The first award is the "Big bang Theory" award to someone who has pushed the boundaries of clio engine development to the very limits of what is possible.
Captn Slarty with his turbo 172 with kept peps rivited to the forum through-out the year but it never came to fruition

Simon172 with his race ECU pushed N/A chip tuning to the limit but it wasnt enough to impress the judge.

Nick Read with Nitros 1.8 16v -it was a rocky road but he got there in the end!

Winner-Nick read pushed his clio to the outer universe and then it went BANG!(would of paid good money to see his face ;)) ) but this hasnt deterted him and as we speak has plans for a monster turbo clio to bounce back with next season.i await with interest.

Next.....".Fast and the Furious" award for street it would have given me great pleasure to have awarded this to a Essex street racer but Essex Cliosport street racers are as rare as rocking horse sh*t so its a no go there!

Simon172 was a early front runner with his escort cosworth kill but as the season went on just like Spurs he began to slip down the table .

172 Slayer was the new kid on the block and made a name for himself with his five 172 kills,and has shown he is not a man to be UNDERESTIMATED.

Craggy Who from the off has been consistantly banging in results

Winner-Craggy If craggy was a fighter pilot he would be the Red Baron he knows no fear and aint afraid to mix it with the big boyz,he is the man who has put Doncaster on the map as a street racers Mecca!

Next....".Magness Pike" award for best technical thread.
Now i had a good look at this one and found many which could have won the award including the "ram air thread " but Captn slarty with the ecotec thread hit the G spot for me.
The captn totaly proved his point by logic and thoroughly boxed his opponents around the ears with their feeble attempts at disproving him. well done Joe!

Finaly the "flame warrior" award

This hotly contested section has proved the hardest one for me to choose a winner from but heres my shortlist

Cooper s boy made a good start but went all soft and decided flame wars werent for him.

Captn smartarse was a late entry and made a name for himself very quickly but at the end of the day he was too smart for his own good.

172 Slayer made an impact like a claymore mine and managed to piss alot of people off in a short space of time.

twofast4u was a Trojan horse and took the war to smug 172 owners:)

Winner......Twofast4u made many momorable posts including "smug 172 gits "and "i whooped a GTI" but what made 2fast so perfect as a flame warrior was he was a clio owner and made the backlash against him even more venomous.
Its a measure of the mans genius that he is still talked of 6 months after his last posting.
Well done Twofast i look forward to your return.

Lets hope we can make 2003 an even better year!

172 Slayer:cool:
  CTR EK9 turbo

Hahahaha....very good! 5 172s eh? now that youve sleighed (spot the christmas pun) a fair few of them, can you make it your new years resolution to announce your car to the Cliosport forum? - or have you already and have i missed it like a big twit?
  320d M Sport

MG??? Good round up there! U missed GRs unveiling of your "172 Slayer mobil!" That was a good un!

  mk2 172

LMFAO big style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D

oh my god, i best go wipe the piss off my leg. made an awesome christmas for me even better with a chuckle like that.

slayer - i feel honoured by my award:D,first of all i wanna thank god, my producers, my family and last but not least the "game" driving around donny. lets hope 2003 will be just as fruitful. gonna have to go for a spin now after reading that in honour of my award.

ps "Simon172 with his race ECU pushed N/A chip tuning to the limit but it wasnt enough to impress the judge" is bringing tears to my eyes now!

craggy, cliosport streetracer of 2002.


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

Hang on, I have to say these are unofficial awards! :D No trophies will be given!!!
  mk2 172

its the bit about pushing n/a tuning to the limit mate!, so frigin funny for some reason, plus the fact that its a race ecu! lmao now infact!
  CTR EK9 turbo

weol, as a student - thats all i can afford in terms of mods. I spose there havent been many people in here whove really tuned their 172s yet.

N/A tuning? didnt you guys realise that with the group N ecu it greats a venturi hurricane effect in front of the throttle body forcing air/fuel into the combustion chambers. (should boost sales interest :))
  mk2 172

i dont think its a dig at "thats all youve done" mate, more to do with the fact that the name of it having "race" in it just makes it funny when you combine it in a sentence with pushing it to the limits:D. i rarely go further than chip and exhaust and it makes the cars better for it!. anyways, that whole post is funny as fek!

  Clio 197

Hey, I miss that Slarty fellow.

I suppose he is off somewhere flying simularoes or something....

  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Special mention should go to Craggys excelent home movies of the 0-60 and 0-100 runs. It made me realise how completely and utterly slow my car really is!

Thanks M8 :)

  williams and trophy


hhmmmmmmmmmmmm no prizes for me then????????? lol not even a mention in the fast n furious section................are these awards fixed ;)

ill have to try harder next year.but after nicks nosd valver twice several 172s gtis etc (the list goes on) craggys machine geds a few times ..........all beaten i thought id be there.....

oh well the work continues pml
  mk2 172

the fast and furious is for street racers jon;), my element he he he, maybe next year there will be an award for 1/4 milers, reckon that will be a hot contest with you, nick, timo, mat and a few others;)
  mk2 172

PS, heres a list off the top of my head of what races iv had:D, not all were victories but i gave em a go he he

Z3 2.8
ZR 160
330 CI x 2
306 GTI-6

im sure theres more.............
  williams and trophy

ah but i only post the races that surprise me. the 1 with my mates vr6 has been the closest 1 recently tho

oh btw i found astra boy lol.............surprising how quick the willy left it behind....mind u we were on twisties lol
  320d M Sport

i didnt get a mention........ah well Ill award myself for summat, just got to think what???? :confused:

  VW Transporter 174

"me thinks the slayer is keepin quiet eh!"

The first rule of fight club is you dont talk about fight club ;)

172 Slayer:cool:
  7.6cc :D

I do think i should be honered with award Member of a car club to know the least about cars? :oops:

or....Most pointless member?

She knows how to mod a car.. thats for sure. Her 172 is an absolute minter.

Jilly, Youll have to get some latest pics!

  BMW 320d Sport

hehe good calls Slayer, my award in particular has been pretty costly this year! Dont know if you can be in the nominations for street racer though, *unconfirmed* slayings where the opponent didnt even realise they were racing dont count! :D

Craggy definitely has the street racer award though, he is mental for it without a doubt.