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Cliosport Track day

  mk2 172

after watchin those vids of paul wicks im hungry for a piece of the action, it looks such a good laugh anyone who likes drivin hard would be a fool not to. biggest problem is cost i suppose. has anyone ever looked into a cliosport track day?, enough intrest? i really wanna drive my car hard in a safer environment than the queens highway, would be great to put our cars up against eachother.


we did look into running one last feb - not just for cliosport but for a number of us to go on a track somewhere.

There wasnt a huge amount of interest but it is something that is possible for a future event.

Which ever part of europe we decide to take on next year will include a track day (as france did this year)

I cant see it happening this summer to be honest because it takes a lot of planning and we are are a bit busy with other meetings, RRs and 1/4 miling.

Perhaps we can look at it towards the end of the year if the weather holds out, if not then the next one will be our next trip abroard.


Still defo up for a track even better a cliosport track day. Fed up of meeting cars on blind corners coming the other way using the racing line.

Still trying to find my clios performance limits.

Gotta be somewhere we can all go?
  mk2 172

tell me about it, and how cool would it be to have the club lined up at the beginning of a mile long, incredibly wide drag strip, that would be the ultimate race, i know a lot of people on here would love that scenario. im dreaming though.

  Renault Laguna Coupe

We really ought to do this. Wouldnt Easytrack or one of the other organisers do a special for Cliosport? Does anyone have any connections with one of these outfits?

I am going to speak to Palmersport tomorrow at the 172 day (or after the event with the contact I have there) about us doing a Cliosport day at Bedford later on in the year - will see what we can sort out.
  BMW 320d Sport

yes we looked into it early on in the year, but for that kind of event we need lots of members to commit to it very early on and cough up the money on time.

For example with book-a-track, they could have sorted out a track day for us to take 30-35 cars at around £100 each which is a good price for a private track day, but at the time there were not 30 members who would even dare to take their Clio on a track, and even if there had have been, wed have needed the money pretty quickly. There are a lot of larger clubs out there eg SIDC who can write out a 3 grand deposit cheque no problem, and they can also get 30 track cars confirmed within a week and have the dosh in within a month. A consequence of having basically road going rally cars with owners who are well up for track days, who usually arent short of a few quid otherwise theyd be driving RS Turbos!

We need to get a list of members who are always up for this kind of event and who can pay up the money and confirm very quickly.

Id be up for a trackday

Beware of bruntingthorpe though - the surface is not very good and i know a number of groups refuse to use it now. There can be a lot of damage from stones / loose gravel

FYI i posted about a track day about 8 weeks ago and got 1 response so not sure if anyone is really gonna go for it.


Interesting about Brunters.....

A Palmersport day will be seriously expensive - remember Renault are subsidising tomorrows event.

£100 for a day is superb - at which track?

I loved my Brands track day with EasyTrack.....and there are 10-15 Clio 172 subscribers on there!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

This catch 22 no takers so no takers situation is a shame. Why not compile a list of Ill do a Cliosport trackday anytime anywhere people from here and just take it from there? Can I be first on the list (as long as it isnt the Australian GP track!)?

Im with you on that one Mike it sounds like a good idea. Id be up for any trackday so long as its organised well in advance on a free weekend/bookable day off work.

That is if I dont total my car today
  BMW 320d Sport

Good idea Mike, we do need a list of regulars who will be up for a trackday anytime anywhere without having to check the diary.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

BTTT. After the Palmersport day yesterday Im even more determined that we should have a track-day for all the Clios. Bedford Autodrome is a brilliant venue for this particularly if youve not done one before.

Count me in, either a weekend, or a weekday with at least two weeks notice.

I just cant wait, gotta try and get hold of another set of wheels, and stick some Yokos on them, then I will be able to save my road tyres from getting shredded :)