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Clock/Radio Display

  2001 Clio 1.2 Authentique
I have a 51' Reg 1.2 16V Clio and since last wednesday the centre console display, showing the radio station, time and temperature has pretty much constantly been flickering to life and cuttin out again. My radio remote control on the steering column has also been losing 'remote control' and it sometimes to remedy the problem if i press the reset button on the trip computer.

I just wondered if anybody happened to know whats causing this f@#kin annoying problem.

Thanks for anything.
  2002 Clio Dynamique+ 1.4
might be a loose connection behind the display? i belive there is a long pink / red connector, if its not that then you could trace the wires back from that, to your radio and then to the remote stalk - (yellow connector block on back of radio)

anyone plz correct me if im wrong