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colour code door strips

  MK5 Fiesta Zetec S
for all the research ive done with regard to removing the door strips off my car i really cant do it :/ ive tried then simple "pushing" technique thats described in most threads. ive tried using a screwdriver but seems as if the door strip will snap. can someon be clear if its held in by poppers, screws, bolts glue anything. ive got the paint and everything just a complete ball ache to remove :/


yeh like kane said, slide the back ones towards the front and the front once towards the back

The first time you take them of are the hardest, there glued together with dirt and sh*t from the road lol

Where did you get your paint from? im also looking to do my strips? spray cans right?
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  MK5 Fiesta Zetec S
thats what i meant push/slide :/ they just seem so stiff. ill have another crack tommorow.

got my paint from